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Bringing Levity To The Recession

BROOKLYN, NY – January 24, 2003 – Barfco.com, an internet sales division of Barfco International, Inc., a recently formed company based in Brooklyn, New York, offers a solution to the stomach churning systemic problems in the business, financial and policy-making sectors: The National Barf Bag. Designed for its contemporary relevance, The National Barf Bag features simulated newsprint which chronicles actual economic events – these are composed in a vivid montage of images which capture a sense of the national experience as the “New Economy” imploded.

The National Barf Bag is a collectible piece of timely Americana which can help anyone disaffected by the economy to purge their pretenses and have a good laugh. Designed as a high quality yet affordable gift presentation for dressing up bottles, specialty foods, small gift items, candies, cough drops or antacids – http://barfco.com offers this healing tool as a meaningful fashion statement for our times.

An ideal accessory for social gatherings and today’s network parties, The National Barf Bag is a suitable centerpiece for popular and patriotic sentiment demanding fairness, transparency and accountability in the marketplace. The product is designed to humor, inform, and stimulate discussion which demonstrate the power of ideas for encouraging sane solutions. Consumers of this product can make a difference and have fun doing it.

The National Barf Bag is constructed of sturdy 157 GSM art paper double coated inside and out and gloss laminated. The collectible gift bag measures 13.5″ x 5″ x 3.5″ and features original illustrations and graphics and convenient tri-color twisted rope handles. The product was manufactured in limited quantities and is available at barfco.com carefully packaged in sets of 5 bags per order for $19.95 – shipped to the consumer free of charge.

Contact: Howard BrodskyPhone: 201 280-8614email: [email protected]