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RE: “Vote to Oust Senator Delayed” by Gin Dumcius

Re: “Vote to Oust Senator Delayed” by Gin Dumcius. I am once again incensedby the Senate leadership. I am also displeased with the fact that thisinformation, which is protected by Executive Session, was apparently leakedto the press.

I confronted both Senator Pham and Senator (President) Joseph Panciotti.Senator Panciotti stated it was unfortunate that this information was in thepaper and perhaps someone from the Senate had left the papers behind on thetables. Senator Panciotti also wondered aloud if the Mass Media pilferedthe extra copies lying around the lounge.

Senator Pham caught up with me and explained his side of the story. SenatorPham, in the end, stated, “I will see what I can do to change the vote (ofno confidence). I do not believe you should be voted out of Senate.” Laterhe stated, “Perhaps you should run for president (of SGA) in May.” Iimmediately did a double-take on his statement and asked him to reiteratewhat he had stated. Senator Pham and I shook hands and departed.

On Monday, January 27, 2003, I gave notice to the senate about myresignation. My primary reason is my class schedule does not allow me toparticipate in senate meetings.

Senator Barnes shouldn’t be so quick to judge me since he has never heard myside of the story. If he has such displeasure with me perhaps he shouldhave addressed me. Why would the Student Senate vote for Senator Barnes tobe the new Faculty Council Rep? As a Senator that does not look at all thefacts from both points of view and does not know the basics of the UMassBoston bylaws and constitution, why vote him into this leadership position?

Senator Panciotti is not a leader. He continually conjures excuses for hiserrors, uses his ADHD condition as a crutch, uses profanity in the Senateoffice to other Senators, manipulates the bylaws and/or constitution tojustify his personal viewpoint, is ignorant of basic business applications,has been rude toward Director Morgan, unable to solve matters using conflict resolution, etc. Is this the best and brighteststudent that UMass can provide?

President Panciotti plans to run for student trustee next semester. Do you want President Panciotti to be the next student trustee, who uses ADHD as a crutch, to manage your student activities trust fund (SATF) or to be in a leadership role?

Director Morgan and Interim Dean Lopes are severely lacking when it comes toknowledge of parliamentary procedures. I firmly believe that UMass Bostonshould either invest in hiring a parliamentarian or send both DirectorMorgan and Interim Dean Lopes to become CERTIFIED (caps added for emphasis)in parliamentary practices. This lack of administrative support results instudents, namely, the senators, haplessly defending themselves against adictator.

Interim Dean Lopes stated that what is said in her office stays in her office and would be a violation of federal, state, and local laws should they be breached. Be careful what you say to the Interim Dean. Perhaps one should have the Interim Dean sign a contract to prohibit her from using confidential material against you for your protection.

As for the Student Trustee, why hasn’t the Student Senate formed a formalinvestigation committee to collect the facts about the Student Trustee’s’alleged’ misconduct? It seems UMass Boston has gone far outside normalprotocol to protect the female Student Trustee. The stories and evidenceagainst her appear overwhelming, yet the University continues to side withher, with the Interim Dean actually lying in a court deposition.

The Student Trustee denies saying, in her deposition, “I’d like to punch him in the face.” Apparently this is not the first time (“Ms. Dawood”) has made this remark. In the article, “Student Trustee Misconduct” by Gin Dumcius, issue December 12, 2002, paragraph 9, “Trustee Dawood told a student, who had also witnessed the exchange in her office moments before, as well as the alleged sexually harassment two days before that, that she wanted to punch Garner in the face… .” She also “denies that she has in any way been bullying me, or that she has been harassing me.” Dawood Aff.7 In fact, the student trustee (“Ms. Dawood”) states, emphatically, “I feel that Mr. Laraway has been trying to provoke fights with me and has been behaving toward me in an uncivil manner.” Dawood Aff.7 Her perceptions of me may be able to swindle the views of other senators, the Interim Dean of Students, the UMass legal council, and the eyes of the courts, but Ms. Caroline Coscia, Ms. Dawood, and I know the real truth.

The University has already allocated a lot of its resources to defending theStudent Trustee and, in my opinion, has done a horrible job in addressingthe actual ‘problem’. Had a man (as the student trustee) allegedly sexuallyharassed and allegedly sexually assaulted a woman, he would have been placedon suspension from the University and the Student Senate until the case wasresolved. If this is the University’s way of protecting the ‘innocent’, ahuge injustice is occurring.

“A lie has speed, but truth has endurance.” by Edgar J. Mohn