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Honey glazed or chocolate iced?

Can’t wait for Krispy Kreme* to get to Boston? Neither can we! That’s why we are making a special one-time only trip to New York to bring these delectable goodies back to Boston! Yes, you read correctly, these famous and delicious donuts will be coming to Boston just in time for Valentine’s Day weekend! These donuts are a perfect gift for your significant other, or an ideal way to drown your lonely sorrows with sugar! You can reserve your very own box (or more) by placing an order with us. This is not a joke, we really do love these donuts that much, and so will you.

General information-

Lack of responses equals lack of trip. A minimum number of orders must be filled before we begin our journey, so tell your friends to request their very own box!

To keep the Krispy movement alive, send an e-mail to [email protected]. Replies to this address must only contain the number of boxes and flavors you are interested in ordering. Response cut off date is February 2. You will receive a confirmation of pick up date, order placed and payment instructions on Tuesday February 4th.

Flavors:Donuts are available in classic honey glaze and chocolate iced, if there is a flavor that you simply cannot live without, you may qualify for an exception as long as the entire box is of that flavor. There is a maximum of three boxes per order. Each box contains one dozen donuts, in case you were wondering.

Payment and Pricing:Payment will be collected through PayPal, check payment is also available. Be advised, we are not reselling these tasty treats, that would be wrong. We are simply your friends/neighbors who are picking up a box of delicious donuts for your enjoyment. All we ask is that you reimburse us for the original cost of the donuts ( NY food preparation tax), and a delivery fee to make sure we cover our expenses.

Delivery fee:5 dollars for the first dozen.8 dollars for two dozen.10 dollars for three dozen.

Donut pricing:Original honey glazed, 6.50 tax per dozen.Chocolate iced, 7.00 tax per dozen.

Example:You want one box of honey glazed donuts. You pay 6.50 tax delivery fee of 5.00. And all is right with the world.

Donut pick up:Donuts will arrive on the afternoon of Saturday, Feb 15th. They will be available for pick up from a central Boston location, to be announced in your confirmation email.

Allaying fears of hoax and wrongdoing:Your PayPal account/check will only be processed at the time of donut purchase. Krispy Kreme requires large orders to be placed three days in advance, we estimate money to be collected on February 11th. If for any reason we are unable to complete our mission, YOU WILL NOT BE CHARGED, or YOUR MONEY WILL BE RETURNED. All orders placed will be delivered; we will not scalp your box of donuts to passerby.

* We are not affiliated with, or in any way represent the opinions, interests or any other legalities of the KrispyKreme (registered trademark) Corporation. We are simply devoted donut lovers who wish to bring the joy back with us.