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Police Log – 6/12/03

compiled by G. Dumcius

Monday, May 27

8:21am- A dispute between staff and a student in the Wheatley Hall computer lab.

1:24pm- Theft reported from a McCormack Hall locker.

4:07pm- Smoke detector accidentally went off in the Clark Center.

5:11pm- Health Services reported person suffering chest pains. An ambulance was called and they were taken to the hospital.

Tuesday, May 28

8:25am- Health Services made another report, and again an ambulance was called.

Thursday, May 31

2:34pm- Somebody pulled a fire alarm in McCormack Hall. The same thing happened in the Service Building an hour and a half later.

Monday, June 2

6:56am- Smoke detector acted up in the Clark Center, then again at 10:23am.

4:35pm- Accidental property damage discovered in the Quinn Building, apparently having happened during commencement in the Bay Side Expo Center the weekend before.

6:31pm- Theft reported in the Clark Center.

Tuesday, June 3

8:09pm- Party came into the police station to report a larceny in the Quinn Building.

Wednesday, June 4

10:59am- Party came in to report being harassed by another staff member in the Quinn Building.

2:27pm- Alarm in Quinn accidentally went off.

5:14pm- Police were sent to calm down an unruly customer at the UMass Bookstore. Police Log bets that if you saw some of the prices of the books, you’d be damn unruly, too.

Thursday, June 5

10:43am- Vehicle was reported vandalized in Wheatley Hall garage.

1:15pm- Hit and run accident reported under McCormack Hall.

4:08pm- 911 Hang-up in Wheatley. Police checked out the area, and no one was there.

Friday, June 6

12:41am- Cleaner accidentally set off a Wheatley alarm. Staff members tripped an alarm at 7:35am, and at 8:32am, also in Wheatley.

Sunday, June 8

8:54am- Alarm call due to a pipe bursting in Quinn. Damaged was caused to the cafeteria, leading to its closing for a short period of time.

4:46pm- Quentin Tarantino fans take note: Person left his watch in the Clark Center, and then came back to retrieve it and found the place closed. Like any normal person, he decided to break a window and climb in. Police caught him and he will be summoned to court.

5:59pm- Fire alarm went off in McCormack Hall.