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Summer Registration Immoderation

This past registration for summer courses has been a horrific experience for a lot of students. I and countless other students had the unpleasant fortune experiencing long lines and congested students in the halls of the Wheatley Building, second floor, just outside the Department of Corporate, Continuing, & Distant Education (CCDE) office. We did not see the holy gates of the Continuing Education doors until nearly two and a half hours later. Can anyone say, INEFFICIENT (caps added for emphasis)!

One would think with all the technology we have, we could register online or over the phone. One would think that we were still in the industrial ages. What’s that you say? The phone, ah yes, interesting story about the infamous phone(s). Try calling the telephone number, 617-287-7916 on or after 8:30 AM. What’s that you say, “No one is answering the phone. It remits a busy signal tone.” Gee, that would be because the phone was taken off-line. Isn’t that false advertisement?

Registration opened its doors at 8:00 AM, but some students arrived at 5:30 AM to make sure they would get their summer classes. By 8:45 AM there was already a long line that meandered throughout the corridors. Some management majors, who were trying to register for MGT 490, were told, “You need initials. Step aside.” They were not told in advance nor were they told in line. Instead they were told after they reached the customer service desk of the Department of CCDE. Students’ reactions to this information were confusion and bewilderment. One student stated she had been in line since 6:00 AM, was not a UMB student, unfamiliar with the logistics of UMB, and was not told about this “rule” until she approached the customer service rep (CSR). Now I have to go over to the College of Management stand in another line, get the signature, and then return to CCDE at the end of the line to await approval. The CSR replied to her, “This is not my problem. The College of Management makes this rule. Please step aside … Next.”

Contrary to popular belief, not all the summer registered students are from UMB. Many students from other universities register for classes here. Would it not be more efficient to address this rule in the University of Massachusetts Boston Bulletin? Would it not be more efficient if the College of Management and other said colleges collaborate with the Department of CCDE to print this information in the CCDE Contact Information, Website, and Directions pages? Where is the responsibility? Who is responsible for this immeasurable problem?

The last time I checked, students (customers), have rights too. I have met some rude CSRs at UMass Boston, but this bunch of reps come close to scraping at the bottom of the barrel.

Something the University Advising Center should know: any management major who wants to sign up for classes over the summer, who specifically wants ACM 298, ACM 299, or MGT 490, MUST (caps added for emphasis) obtain the initials from the College of Management. No where in the summer course registration booklet does it indicate a student needs a mandatory signature. It simply states, “3. The following courses are reserved for CM students only: ACM 298, ACM 299, and MGT 490.” (University of Massachusetts Boston, summer 2003, Vol. 23, No. 4, pg. 54).

No one in the College of Management or the Department of CCDE wants to take responsibility. This is unacceptable. I let the woman know about my unsatisfactory experience I was having signing up for MGT 490. She replied, “That’s College of Management’s rules.” Again, this is unacceptable.

I asked a random student who experienced what many others have had during the first day of registration, Vannavasu, his thoughts of the summer registration system. He replied, “Fucking sucks.” I also asked him how long he had been in line. He retorted, “Since 8:30 AM I have been here.” The aforementioned student also noted he had a waiver letter from the University of Massachusetts Boston, but the Continuing Education Department would not accept the letter and insisted he have an initial from the College of Management. His final thoughts about these whole circumstances “Screw you.” I believe he is referring to the Continuing Ed Department.

When will the CCDE get its act together? Who, in the CCDE and/or the College of Management, will take responsibility for this ongoing problem?

We want answers and we want registration for any courses throughout the academic year to be more efficient and clearly written before circulation. Is this to much to ask for? Can you handle this request?