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Low Carb Craze is Back Again!

Low carbohydrate diets have been swarming the media over the past few years. However, the low carb-high protein diets have actually been practiced, and used by people hoping to lose weight since the 1970’s. The diets of the 70’s were much different and a whole lot more risky than the “new and improved Atkins diet” of today. During the 70’s, there were several companies putting out the low carb diet, including Dr. Atkins. The older diets were based on a liquid diet of poor protein supplements and hardly any other caloric intake. Today we have a different set of rules encompassing the low carb-high protein intake.

When deciding to embark on this new trend of dieting one must consider how important losing weight fast really is! Unfortunately, the question is not even a question in most people’s minds. Everyone wants to jump on the bandwagon and go with the trend that is making the stars skinny. A diet which turns obese people into skinny people in the matter of months, who would not want that? This is the advantage of being on a low carb-high protein diet. The disadvantage is all diets fail eventually without help, one way or another.

There are more disadvantages than there are advantages found in low carb diets. During my research I found that very low carb diets eliminate many food groups that provide essential nutrients. Also, high protein diets may be low in the essential fatty acids necessary for good health. However, even if one was to follow the diet correctly by eating good proteins and taking in some carbo’s, good nutritional value is not being learned. Once the diet is finished the weight is often gained back as fast as it was lost.

Dehydration is another reason the diet seems to work well. A study done by the American College of Sports and Medicine states, “low-calorie, low-carbohydrate diet produces rapid weight loss but that a significant amount is from water loss.” Finally when a person is as avid exerciser they can run into more complications with the low carb-high protein diet. The reason being is carbohydrates are stored as glycogen and glycogen is used to fuel your muscles.

The above information has touched upon the disadvantages and health concerns of following a low carb diet. In addition to the information I would like to explain how this diet could work of properly executed. As individuals we must look at all of our resources first before trying a low carb diet. You must again decide if losing the weight fast, with the potential to put the pounds back on fast, is the road you must take. Once all has been evaluated you can begin a low carb high protein diet. But, only if you do not have high cholesterol, which could be aggravated by high amounts of protein intake.

A good low carb diet consists of; fruits, vegetables, some bread, rice, oatmeal, some cereal, meats (protein), and lots of fiber. You must avoid; white flour, sugar such as candy, desserts, non-fat sweet food products, snacks etc.

Take a look at your current carbohydrate in take, which is probably high in bad carbo’s and replace it with good carbo’s. In addition, learn to eat all your food with self-control. Take a look at the whole picture and not just the few simple foods you may believe are making you fat.

In my opinion the only way to success is “everything in moderation” and a good fitness plan.

Lastly, I would not recommend the Atkins diet but I would recommend learning from the diet and modifying its very useful information to create a lifestyle change. A change in how we think about food and what we put into put bodies.