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Police Log

Monday, November 17

9:01am-Alarm went off in the McCormack building. Officers checked the area. Everything was fine.

1:55pm-Alarm went off in the computer labs in McCormack. The instructor accidentally set them off.

10:33pm-Party reported larceny in the Wheatley building.

11:15pm-Stolen car recovered on University Drive East. That’s not much of a joyride, there, sparky.

Wednesday, November 19

4:44pm-Disturbance in the Clark pool. A juvenile was caught masturbating. He was summoned to court.

10:22pm-Fire reported under the Science Center in a storage area. Always extinguish your experiments before storing them.

Thursday, November 20

12:20am-Party left a bag unattended and when they came back it was gone.

Friday, November 21

2:51pm-Party called the Administration building and issued threats.

4:20pm-A professor has been receiving ongoing threatening emails.

4:21pm-A medical emergency in the McCormack cafeteria was removed to Mass General.

8:23pm-A medical emergency in Administration was removed to County Hospital. Apparently, the food is bad for you and the administration worse.

Monday, November 24

11:03am-Threats reported off campus.

1:41pm-Suspicious persons reported in the library. Someone reported two naked people having sex in the stairwell. Investigation found two people putting their clothes back on. When the cops arrived, the couple had taken off.

4:40pm-Man found urinating in garage. His license was expired, so he was arrested for that and indecent exposure.

6:33pm-Vandalism in the Healey library. Someone damaged the emergency exit.

Tuesday, November 25

6:07am-Car reported vandalized in the North Lot.

7:19pm-Breaking and entering of a motor vehicle reported under the Science Center.

10:18pm-False fire alarm in McCormack due to mechanical failure.

Wednesday, November 26

4:40pm-Larceny reported. Party came to pick up item (from Lost and Found) and reported item still missing.

Friday, November 28

10:10pm-False fire alarm in McCormack due to mechanical failure.

Saturday, November 29

2:24pm-A pack of juveniles reportedly causing a disturbance with loud noise in the Healey Library. Is that where you go after Thanksgiving to have fun?