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A Naro View of Sports

As a working student I know how hard it is to get involved with outside activities and stay committed.

Now that I am in college my arena to “play” in is political, but I did once wrestle and play lacrosse for my high school varsity teams. The challenges involved in playing on a team, going to work, and going to classes led to me to pondering quitting one of the activities. Back then, money was a factor I never had to take much into account as I, like most high school students in my town, lived at home and paid no rent. Adding that into the equation I can only begin to imagine how hard it must be for a student at UMass Boston to play a sport.

UMass has a different breed of students; many work part-time jobs after classes, the primary caregiver of a family, or work a full-time job and go to school at night. In fact, according to the student fact sheet at www.umb.edu, “Last year, about 69% of all students reported working 11 or more hours, and about 27% reported working more than 30 hours in a typical week.” When you take those numbers into consideration one would wonder how anyone has the time to attend a UMB sporting event, let alone play for a team!

Nevertheless, we have fourteen different conference teams with players who dedicate sometimes an entire school year to training, practicing, and playing in games.

So far this semester I have spoken to nearly every coach for UMass Boston, and there is one reoccurring theme. UMass players are dedicated, hardworking, and full of heart.

As someone who organizes speaking events and actions on campus, I know how much it means when people attend my events. When people come to an event you organized they are taking time out of their busy schedule to participate in something which took much of your own time, between classes and work, to prepare. While the events, and more importantly the causes behind events, are what inspire me to continue organizing them, it is the presence of people at these events which gives me energy and motivation to continue doing such work.

This principle also applies to sports teams at UMB. The players put time into training and practicing. They play for the love of the sport, bottom line. But nothing is more rewarding and inspiring than looking out into the stands and seeing members of the UMass community cheering for them.

I would like to encourage you all to attend a game or two every month and show not just your “school spirit” but also your appreciation for those hardworking students that have invested so much time and energy into playing. The Mass Media will be printing a copy of the sports schedule for the spring season, so cut it out and put it up on your wall next to your desk, or get a magnet and put it up on your refrigerator at home. Bring your friends and family to the games and show our players that their fellow community members appreciate them. The schedule can also be viewed on the web at www.athletics.umb.edu/clark/events.htm.