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Ode to Number 9

Ode to Number 9 – A Daughter’s Journey ——————————————————————————–by j. p. polidoro 2004-03-10

Life deals such tragedy-By definition, tragedy defines a weakness of ones’ own character-That causes their own demise- a lack of morals perhaps and ill judgment- but that was not your tragedy-

Your tragedy was not caused by you, but rather by the callous action of others that were ignorant…. ignorant of life, death and the unknown-Those close to you that capitalized on your name and usurped your final dignity for cosmic unrealistic fantasy that defies even the most hardened Stephen King novel-

You gave your time and life to others, and now…. some have abandoned you-They still use your name for their greed and some even use it for humor-Friends and true fans think they use your name….. in vain-

Some writers have resorted to callous, hurtful comments over your fate, a “frozen casket of absurdity”-So chilling and diabolical, that most of humanity is unaware of the salacious plan that has enraged all civil and intelligent human Life on earth…. and the sanest of human brains-

Who mourns for you? Many in humanity Ted Williams-Some that knew you well, and some that didn’t know you at all-Some that are related and are perpetually dedicated to granting you…. your final wish-The agenda remains the same, to free you of your “icy chains from hell”-

Now the twentieth month of uncertain fate yields no pause to the effort by many to absolve you of the horror, deceit and plot that has been cast upon your body and soul….and your wishes-

Deep waters beckon you, the source of your pleasure and your birth in many ways-The salt of the ocean and mankind remain the same chemistry-Yet the blood of a man’s veins are replaced by a glycerin-based concoction, a vitrification of billions of cells devoid of human recognition anymore-

Damn the gray matter-deprived insolents and disrespectful souls-Grant them some momentary reason…. that death cannot be prevented and reincarnated back to life once the brain and heart no longer act in synchrony- The end of time is after all……..the “end” of time for some organisms-They have their moment on earth and then depart….. succumbing to the clock’s finality –

Yet, to defy fate is heresy-Death is life, a part of a predestined time machine that ends when the last beat of the heart ceases. Neither heat, nor cold, nor prayer will defy fate- Let it go- it can’t go on as we knew it-

What remains …. is the gift of progeny that was created by the generous decedent’s soul, andin this case, his offspring that is supposed to honor him-.Why then has one of them diabolically forsaken your dignity and wishes Ted Williams, while another child sanely reaches out daily to “save you?” ……………Why you ask?Because, she always loved you Ted Williams…and you loved her- She honors her father………

========================================J.P. Polidoro, Ph.D. was awarded his doctorate in 1972 from UMASS (Vet and An Sci.). He is an author of fiction, Project Samuel, about Ted. He resides in Laconia NH with his wife and children. He works in the biomedical industry.603-524-1102 www.longtailpublishing.com