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E-Voting Complete-Pham Student Trustee

Despite some problems, the online elections went well. Preliminary voter tallys show that more than 400 students voted, with 118 paper ballots cast. The total tally for e-votes is not yet available. What follows are the ballot candidates or questions and the votes each one received. There were also write-in candidates, according to Student life, which administered the vote, but none of them managed the 4% necessary to geto n the Senate.

Student Trustee

Tuan Pham 167Adnan Usman 139

MassPIRG Referendum

Do you support the continuation of the MassPIRG chapter at UMass Boston funded through a $6.00 per student, per semester waivable fee? Any student choosing not to support MassPIRG may waive the fee.

Yes 232 No 90

Graduate Student Assembly

Caroline Coscia 5 Carlos Maynard 2 Peter Vando 2 Jillian Spooner 2 Maria Rocha Tracey 2 Heather Connors 2 Ryan Dorland 2


College of Nursing

Tristan Lowe 12

College of Management

Stephen Lucien 17

College of Public & Community Service

Hatim Jean-Louis 40 Patricia Morales 38 Matthew Landry 36 Jesse Solomon 35 Colleen Kelly 33

College of Science & Math

Adnan Usman 25 Brian Tse 20

College of Liberal Arts

Fritz Hyppolite 83 Eliza Wilson 70 Francisca Hernandez 68 Tara Delmonico 65 Janna Goldstein 65 Rachel Wittman 65 Sara Dolan 64 Arthur Guray 61 Erica Mena 61 Jamal Oufkir 55

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