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News Briefs – 4/22/04

The Bulger Student Center

Privacy concerns. Unions protesting at its opening. Whom to name it after. Those were some of the slight controversies swirling around in the new Campus Center.

As the April 26 fundraising gala nears, Ann McGough, a contributor to the Dorchester Reporter, wrote in the latest issue’s commentary suggesting a solution to the last problem: Naming it after the university’s embattled former president who resigned in August 2003.

Writes McGough: “The word is that is will be named after a donor. How about naming it after the man who gave the working class students at UMass Boston the opportunity to feel they are part of something more than ‘just a commuter school’…I think the William M. Bulger Student Center has a nice ring to it.”

Senator Kennedy Keynotes Latino Public Policy Conference

Senator Edward Kennedy (D-MA) will give the keynote address April 23 at the statewide Latino Public Policy Conference, held at the JFK Library and the new Campus Center by UMass Boston’s Mauricio Gastón Institute for Latino Community Development and Public Policy.

“This year’s conference will be a coming-together of policymakers and community members to exchange ideas and perspectives on how to improve the status of Latinos in Massachusetts,” according to the conference’s website, located at www.gaston.umb.edu/conf2004/.

Good Neighbor Day In Sixth Year

Mr. Rogers’ favorite day will be held April 23 this year, as UMass Boston students, faculty, staff, and other volunteers engage in a day of community service with beach clean-ups by the Harbor Point Clubhouse, repairing and fixing a playground for the UMass Boston Early Learning Center, and building a playground at the Daniel Marr Boys and Girls’ Club on Dorchester Avenue. This is its sixth year of operation.

Those interested can report to the University Room Terrace, on the first floor of the Campus Center. Included are t-shirts, all-day snacks, pizza lunch, and an ice cream social.

Call (617) 287-7955 for more information, or drop by the Office of Service Learning and Community Outreach, on the Campus Center’s third floor, Room 3-007.