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Funding the Contracts

I am a student at the University of Massachusetts Boston and study political science, africana studies, and international relations

I have recently been informed that the maintenance and clerical staff at my school has not had their contracts funded, even though they provide extremely vital services to myself and the rest of the university.

The maintenance and clerical workers here at UMass Boston not only provide us with the critical services required by this large and complex university; they also are a part of the UMass Boston Community. Whether you are a student, a professor, a clerk, or a janitor, everyone here at UMass Boston works together to make this institution of state higher education the best.

This goal of course has been hindered as the maintenance and clerical staffs at UMass Boston are some of the lowest paid non-student workers on campus. In addition to low wages, they have not had a raise in over three years, despite the spiraling cost of living in the Greater Boston area. There is no excuse for this disrespectful treatment, especially in light of a new building to maintain.

I value the importance of public higher education and know that its success heavily relies on those who provide the services that support its existence. Please do not contribute to the demise of public higher education by failing to fund the contracts of our valued clerical and maintainence workers of the SEIU 888.

To fund their contracts is to fund the future of public higher education in this state. As a student I ask for the funding of the contracts because the workers deserve it.

Thank You

Anthony J. Naro