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Help Put an End to Hunger and Homelessness

I am writing in response to the article featured in last week’s edition of The Mass Media. The Article was titled “Sectioned Out” and discussed homelessness in the state of Massachusetts. The article touched on the topic of affordable housing and how many people do not have adequate housing.

I find it appalling that in the United States (the richest country in the world), homelessness is an issue that we struggle with on a daily bases. Millions of people go hungry everyday. Millions of people live on the streets. And, millions of people are forced to fend for themselves in the streets searching for temporary shelter and a morsel of food. Everyday, many are degraded and reduced to second-class citizens by society because our government continuously cuts budgets that help with such programs as Section 8 and job training.

As a citizen of The United States, I can no longer sit back and watch this happen to my fellow citizens who are just as entitled to the American dream as I am. That is why I chose to intern with MASSPIRG.

MASSPIRG is a student run organization that fights hunger and homelessness. We work on such things as tutoring the homeless and volunteering our time at various homeless shelters throughout the Boston area. On Saturday, April 3rd, MASSPIRG along with BOB, the Veterans’ Center and other student groups will be sponsoring an event called The Hunger Cleanup Project. It involves volunteering our time at four Boston homeless shelters. We will be helping shelters clean, paint and also do some landscaping. We’ll meet at 10:00 AM at the new Campus Center where we will be providing a free breakfast. At 11:00 we will head over to the shelters. The activities will conclude at 3:00PM

We are also going to be raising money, which will be divided amongst the shelters we donate our time to. We are asking that volunteers have people sponsor them for the hours they provide. Our goal is to have each person raise 50 dollars. I strongly urge you to take the time and volunteer on Saturday April 3rd. Your small contribution of time, and money can go a long way. Its time to be a part of the solution and not the problem. Let’s fight hunger and homelessness!

If you are interested in helping out on Saturday, April 3rd, please contact MASSPIRG at: 617-287-3866 or, [email protected].

Milissa Garside