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Police Log – 4/22/04

Monday, April 12

8:20am-Alarm call in Wheatley Hall on the third floor by the cafeteria.9:05am-Alarm set off in McCormack Building after party shook a closed door. Or was it a door shook a party?11:39am-Hit-and-run accident in the garage. Property damage of vehicle reported. Garage still in horrible condition.2:11pm-Theft reported in the Campus Center. Presumably committed by a thief.7:18pm-Theft reported in the Healey Library. This time, it’s probably a thief with glasses.

Tuesday, April 13

1:00pm-Prior theft reported in the Healey Library. No clue as to who did it.1:08pm-Disturbance reported in Service Building. Irate party in Parking and Transportation office. How could anybody be upset with Parking and Transportation?

Wednesday, April 14

10:00am-Prior theft reported in Service Building. 5:28pm-Trespassing in McCormack Building. Party, smelling of alcohol, was found passed out in a restroom stall. Party was repeat violator, and arrested. Probably smelled of alcohol before as well.6:14pm-Disturbance reported in the Healey Library. Party reported being verbally assaulted (with words!) by another party. Both parties gone when Public Safety arrived.

Thursday, April 15

12:30pm-Party reported feeling ill. Ambulance arrived and took party to hospital.

Friday, April 16

10:38am-Prior theft reported in Service Building.1:00pm-Prior theft reported in Wheatley Hall (lots of these this week).7:54pm-Disturbance in Science Center, Lipke Auditorium. Great place to hang out on a Friday night, huh?7:57pm-Another disturbance in Science Center. Must have been a hip place to be last week.9:10pm-Suspicious person reported in Science Center. Party found to have been drinking and escorted off campus. The smart guess is he/she continued to drink.11:36pm-Disorderly conduct in, you guessed it, Science Center. Group leaving area kept yelling and screaming. The group is scheduled to appear on the next American Idol.

Saturday, April 17

12:30am-Fire set to dumpster in McCormack receiving dock. Boston Fire Department arrived and extinguished flames, but not before toasting some marshmallows and making smores.5:57am-Mechanical failure of Science Center alarm.8:19am-Mechanical failure of Science Center alarm.8:22am-Alarm call in Wheatley Hall. Public Safety checked out area; everything okey-dokey.2:59pm-Female reported harassment by male party in Clark Athletic Center.5:00pm-Alarm call in Wheatley Hall. Public Safety checked out area; everything A-okay.

Sunday, April 18

9:42am-Mechanical failure of Clark Athletic Center alarm.7:23pm-Missing person reported in Clark Athletic Center. Elderly party disappeared after going to seek restroom. Party was later found. No word if party found restroom.8:58pm-False alarm call in McCormack Hall. Public Safety checked out area; everything fine.