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News Briefs – 5/13/04

DNC Coming To UMB

UMass Boston will be abuzz with activity during the Democratic National Convention, with an alternate progressive forum the weekend before, governor associations, evening sessions with the North Carolina delegation.

Because of the activity, the university is looking for a “minute-by-minute” master schedule of what’s happening on campus the week of the DNC, according to Vice Chancellor of Administration and Finance Ellen O’Connor at a recent Faculty Council meeting.

“It’s going to be a very busy, busy week,” she said.

There are no current plans to close the campus, as happened when the presidential debates came in 2000, she added.

On May 13, an advance team for the Democratic Governor’s Association, which includes Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack and fifty other people, is visiting campus and meeting with Chancellor Jo Ann Gora.

Motley Tours Campus Center With Crew

With seven middle school kids in tow, Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Keith Motley went on a mini-tour of the new Campus Center, leading them through the cafeteria up to the fourth floor, from which the JFK Library and the Massachusetts Archives could be seen.

“You guys have been on my schedule for a long time,” Motley told the group from Gear Up, a program to help middle schoolers prepare for college, later adding, “I remember yesterday being you.”

Motley, who smoothly handled student concerns with the new Campus Center days before a crucial move-in and who tamed union protesters at its opening, kept the attention of the kids by chatting up basketball and karate, subjects in which Motley is an expert. Motley also subtlely pitched UMass Boston as well.

“How many of you want to go to college?” he asked, and all raised their hands. “You have to tell everybody you know that you want to go,” he said.

After the tour ended, with bags of UMass Boston souvenirs in hand, the kids talked amongst themselves. “I’m going to be coming to this college,” said one girl matter-of-factly, as she donned a large UMass Beacons t-shirt.

Taxpayers Group To Issue Favorable Report

The Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation is set to issue next week a report favorable to UMass, according to Chancellor Gora at May’s Faculty Council meeting.

The non-partisan public policy group will be recommending changes to the state legislature in the way it handles UMass. Among them are allowing the university the power to keep tuition, to manage its own construction, and the authority to sign leases.

Survivors Inc. Honored By Boston Women’s Fund

The Survivors, Inc. Club, started as a student project at UMass Boston nineteen years ago, was presented a Grantees’ Award at the end of April from the Boston Women’s Fund.

It also received citations from the Cambridge and Boston City Councils, and the Massachusetts House of Representatives.

Among the other awardees were Winona LaDuke, Green Party presidential candidate Ralph Nader’s running mate in 2000, Senator Barbara Lee, Pacifica Radio’s Amy Goodman, and the Adbar Ethiopian Women’s Alliance.

According to its website, the Boston Women’s Fund “raises money from a broad base of donors across economic backgrounds to provide grants and develop programs that strengthen the grassroots initiatives and leadership of women and girls.”


Due to an editing error, the May 6 article, “State Rep Commends Community Service,” incorrectly stated the date State Rep. Antonio Cabral spoke to the Beyond Our Backyard Club. The date was the week of April 19, not April 9.

The Mass Media regrets the error.

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