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Working Together

Who could believe that a huge corporation and a small student-run coffee shop could thrive under one roof? Well Sodexho and Wit’s End Café have enjoyed a great relationship in Wheatley Hall for nearly a decade and are working to strengthen their cooperation in the future.

When Sodexho received the UMass Boston food contract more than nine years ago, the company quickly established a relationship with Wit’s End, which had not been the case with the prior food service provider. Sodexho’s philosophy has been that there is enough business on campus to support both the corporate contractor and the student-run café.

It’s well known that if the Wit’s End runs out of something, Sodexho is there ready to lend supplies or equipment when needed. This is a benefit to the workers at Wit’s End and the café’s customers. When Wit’s End proposed opening a satellite stand in the Wheatley Hall lobby, Sodexho supported that expansion.

We expect further benefits through our plans to use Sodexho’s purchasing power to the advantage of the cafe. The company’s commitment to Wit’s End is genuine; to the point the company clearly expressed it in their bid proposal. Sodexho wants to help make the Wit’s End the best it can be.

Sodexho is a big company. But don’t let that imply their service is anything less than 100 percent committed to UMass Boston. There are contracts governing food and beverage service on campus, but Sodexho has tried to be as flexible as possible to ensure customers are satisfied, be they at Wit’s End or the new Food Court.

From loaning food carts to supplying an extra bag of coffee, we have enjoyed a great relationship over the last decade. If you have questions about this partnership between Sodexho and Wit’s End, we invite you to speak with either one of us.

Michael Forcier, general manager, Sodexho Services at UMass Boston

Linda Smith-Mooney, Assistant Director of Student Life who oversees the Wit’s End Café