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Don’t Drop the Ball UMass!

My dear readers and sports fans, The Mass Media needs you. The Mass Media is an independent student-run newspaper and every week students, just like you, write articles, take pictures, and create what you see every Thursday on the stands.

Alas, I am a graduating senior and my position will be vacant. We have not received any applications for the position of sports editor. I know there are some great writers roaming the halls of UMass Boston and I definitely know there are sports fans. Imagine having the chance to watch sports, write about it, and get paid!

As the sports editor I am of course responsible for making sure that UMass Boston sporting events are reported on each week, which means finding people to cover the games or going yourself. But I also am given a bit of creative freedom-I can start my own column to make sure that everyone knows how much I detest the NCAA and its treatment of student athletes, or I can feature a player from UMB each week. The job doesn’t pay me enough to buy a yacht but I get by pretty well and it’s a low stress environment. I have had the great opportunity to get to know the UMass teams and attend their games-something I would never have the chance to do working elsewhere.

Being a sports editor has also given me an excellent idea of what it is like working for a media outlet, an independent one at that. You would never believe the things that go on behind the scenes at a paper, even if you’re the sports editor.

The job itself is surprisingly exciting and gives you an outlet to express your own opinion, invite others to express their opinions, and publicize your school’s athletic teams. There is also a great satisfaction in seeing your own work printed and knowing that the final product, the paper itself, was a collective effort you were a part of.

So come on down to The Mass Media this week, second floor of Campus Center, 2400 Street, and apply for the position!