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UMB To Drop $$ for Globe Insert

In an effort to bring more attention to the opening of the new Campus Center and promote the university, UMass Boston is looking to put an insert in the Boston Globe.

At a recent Faculty Council Meeting, Vice Chancellor of Enrollment Kathleen Teehan announced that the university is buying an 8-page supplement, to be distributed to 700,000 homes on April 14. The Campus Center will have a gala on April 26, honoring alumni Boston Mayor Thomas Menino ’88, Reverend Kathleen B. Card ’76, and CEO Clayton Turnbull ’82, of the Waldwin Group, Inc. Tickets begin at $150.

Seeing this as a prime opportunity to grab prospective students and their parents, university officials plan for the insert’s center spread to include descriptions and listings of undergraduate and graduate programs.

Teehan could not immediately provide a price estimate, but said that most of the cost would be picked up by paid ads by vendors, with only a small cost to the university.

GSA Registers 200 Voters

The Graduate Student Assembly managed to register two hundred voters, running out of forms on their second day at a table in McCormack Hall.

GSA head Caroline Coscia and member Ryan Dorland manned the table Wednesday (160 people were registered) and ran out on Thursday, staying afterwards for an hour handing out pamphlets.

“We really underestimated the interest,” said Coscia. “We never had to ask, people came to us.”

Diversity was apparent among those registering. Many hailed from Somerville, Cambridge, Malden, and Quincy, said Coscia.

February 11 is the deadline to register for the primary.

CLA Dean Finalists Visiting All Month Long

Fret not if you missed U. Vermont’s Donna Kuizenga’s visit to UMB as a finalist for dean of the College of Liberal Arts. The four other finalists are dropping by, too. Jean Ann Linney (U. South Carolina) is here Feb. 9, York Bradshaw (U. Memphis) Feb. 12, Gary Olsen (U. South Florida-Tampa) Feb. 17, and Susan Henking (Hobart William Smith Colleges) Feb. 19. Check with the provost’s office for more details.