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Police Log

Monday, January 26

8:19am – Smoke detector accidentally set off a fire alarm in the Science Center.

10:22am – Party reported items missing from Wheatley Hall.

11:52am – Person reported an illness in the Healey Library. Police checked in and person was feeling better.

1:20pm – Item taken from the Clark Center.

1:29pm – Person slipped and fell in McCormack Hall. Ambulance was called.

Tuesday, January 27

7:24pm – Disturbance reported in the Clark Center.

Wednesday, January 28

2:23pm – Breaking and entering into an unlocked car reported under McCormack Hall.

Thursday, January 29

9:21am – Someone, who probably hadn’t had their crucial seventh cup of coffee, reportedly hit a light pole on University Drive South.

Saturday, January 30

8:46am – Item reported missing from a vehicle parked under the Science Center.