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Police Log – 2/19/04

Monday, February 9

9:07am – Larceny reported in the Science Center.

3:28pm – Two juveniles, found acting up in the Clark Center, were sent away with a warning, probably one of being accepted to UMass Boston if they hang around any longer.

7:11pm – Another larceny in the Science Center.

8:42pm – Cleaner accidentally set off alarm in McCormack Hall while accidentally doing his job.

Tuesday, February 10

4:00pm – Two juveniles were found wandering around the Science Center. Police checked them out and they were found to be OK.

4:21pm – Larceny reported in the Clark Center. Juvenile was arrested for trespassing in the process.

4:46pm – Medical assistance requested in McCormack. Person was taken to the hospital to be checked out.

10:52pm – 9-1-1 hang-up on University Drive South.

Wednesday, February 11

9:18am – Past larceny in McCormack reported. Another larceny reported in McCormack slightly past one o’clock, and one in Healey Library at 6:33pm.

8:59pm – Police found car with its side door wide open under Wheatley Hall.

9:40pm – Suspicious person reportedly seen in McCormack.

Thursday, February 12

6:32am – Alarm accidentally set off by staff in Wheatley.

Friday, February 13

5:05pm – Person came in to report lost item.

5:45pm – Someone pulled the fire alarm in Quinn Administration’s lower level.

Saturday, February 14

9:25am – People were reportedly refusing to pay the toll in the lower garage. They promptly changed their minds when police showed up.

Sunday, February 15

7:33am – Police assisted Boston PD on University Drive West for traffic stop.

Monday, February 16

6:20pm – Question to the administrators: If an alarm malfunctions in the new Campus Center, but there’s nobody around to hear it because nobody has moved in yet, does it make a sound? Police Log expects an essay from each of you on its desk by next Monday.