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Support Sustainable Food Systems: Buy Pie!

The Food Project is an organization that combines all the elements of community building through youth programs, leadership opportunities, and sustainable agriculture. Anyone can get involved in the program, even those weary of laborious farming. To contribute one can do anything from donating time, money, or buying holiday pies.

I first learned about the project while taking pre-school kids for a walk off Dudley Street in Roxbury. I saw young people tending to a beautiful garden patch among the apartment buildings and bus traffic. After going to their website www.foodproject.org I understood how special this little garden was. Each year volunteers and teens work these plots in Boston and 31 acres out in Lincoln to produce healthy food without pesticides. Half the food is donated to local shelters while the rest is sold through community supported agriculture, local markets, harvest bags, and fine catering services. A huge focus is placed on giving teens the opportunity to experiment with leadership and community roles, giving them an opportunity to cultivate a strong background in these skills often overlooked for their age group.

While the food project is important on our own local level, the organization exists as an important resource center for other organizations and interested individuals on the global scale. While putting such an important focus on youth training, the project bills itself as an expert on building organizations as well as educators. They offer materials for professional development opportunities available to a wide variety of organizations with a focus on community. Through respectful agricultural practice, the food project hopes to build inspired, diverse and productive communities.

Though most of the hardcore Roxbury farm work is a summer activity, there are many ways you can be an asset to the food project and your community.

With our most American of holidays approaching, the food project makes holiday pies available for very reasonable prices and accommodations. Bringing a pie from the food project to the family or mini thanksgiving with friends is a small way to support everything from helping the homeless, to sustainable agriculture, to teen empowerment, and healthy living. Pie options include: maple spiced apple pie, creamy spiced pumpkin pie, and grandma’s sweet potato. Each pie is $12 and you’ll need to order by November 19.

Whether it is buying a pie, or donating your time, you can support the food project and help people from our area as well as people from other cities, countries, farms and other types of organizations.For more information email: [email protected] or call (617)442-1322 or check out their website at www.thefoodproject.com.