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Asian Student Center Profile

Asian Student Center
Ayesha Kazmi
Asian Student Center

With staff that includes a Coordinator, an Assistant Coordinator, and Staff Assistant, The Asian Student Center (ASC) offers many services to the Asian community on campus. Those services range from helping students with financial aid issues to handling individual immigration issues.

Kristen Thuy Nguyen, a Worcester native who is currently a full-time senior in the pre-med studies program, has been the coordinator for the Asian Student Center for almost two years.

Nguyen sees the ASC, “as more of a counseling center. Not only are we here for any student that wants to talk, but we provide a fun atmosphere where students can relax. We try to help as much as possible.” She also stressed that the ASC is open to all Asian students of different nationalities aiming to serve as a network bringing them all together and make the students feel at home.

When asked about how she feels about their move into the new Campus Center, she said her feelings are mixed. “I liked the old set up better.” However, she also stated that the new arrangement, “has its good and bad points. It’s good because all the centers are closer together, so there’s more interaction between all the clubs. It’s bad because there’s no privacy.”

According to Nguyen, the fact that the new space allotted to the ASC is smaller, like the other clubs in the center, they have experienced a decline of membership.

“Budget cuts have also made it very hard, but we try to do our best with what we have,” stated Nguyen.

Nguyen’s overall opinion remains positive about the new arrangement stating that “the closeness is good.”

Although the center hasn’t had any events yet this semester, Nguyen confirmed that in the beginning of next semester the ASC will host two events: the Lunar New Year’s Festival and an Asian Cultural Festival.

The ASC will also hold workshops during spring break to attract prospective UMB students in order to welcome them to the UMB campus and community.

As for Nguyen, “I’ve been here for five years, and can’t wait to graduate next spring.” After graduation, she plans on taking graduate courses at UMass and applying to medical school.

When asked if she had any work besides school and running the center, she replied that being coordinator of the ASC was her job.

The Asian Student Center is located on the third floor of the Campus Center in the Student Life area.