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Kid Stays In The Picture

Monday, September 27

9:51am – Larceny reported in the Healey Library.10:33am – Person reported that an unknown vehicle had struck her car in Wheatley Hall while she was in class.3:51pm – Larceny reported in the Clark Center.4:30pm – Group of children were horsing around in Healey Library. They were told to leave.6:44pm – Person had a foot injury and called to be taken to the hospital.

Tuesday, September 28

12:35pm – State-owned laptop stolen from McCormack Hall.5:12pm – Person was passed out in car on Mt. Vernon Street. Police checked on him, and found there was a warrant out for him.6:11pm – Theft in the Campus Center.

Wednesday, September 29

8:57am – Property from theft in Campus Center was recovered in McCormack’s upper level.10:27am – Suspicious person reported going through the offices in Quinn Hall’s second floor. Person was no longer there once police arrived.10:31am – Person turned in property he had found.11:00am – Alarm went off in the service building. Police checked it out and everything appeared all right.12:20pm – Complaint from the Campus Center lobby of people taking pictures. Complainer was concerned he was in the pictures.12:26pm – Person got an ankle injury in McCormack and declined to go to the hospital.1:20pm – Two students got into an argument in Wheatley Hall after class, resulting in an assault.1:48pm – Theft reported in the Campus Center.4:45pm – Person sitting on top of a desk in Wheatley fell and hit her head. She was taken to Health Services.

Thursday, September 30

9:01am – Alarm in Quinn Hall. Police deemed everything all right.12:52pm – Person hit large pothole on Bianculli Boulevard, causing property damage.11:18pm – Hockey player sustained a possible injury in the Clark Center and declined medical treatment.

Friday, October 1

9:08am – Accident reported in the lower Busway.8:00pm – 9-1-1 hang-up in the Clark Center fire lane.9:48pm – Suspicious vehicle spotted on University Drive East. Person had passed out from drinking. Was brought to station, where someone was called to get them.

Monday, October 4

5:15pm – Complaint of four children aged 2-10 going around in Quinn looking for food. They were brought to the police and a report was filed with Social Services.8:13pm – 9-1-1 hang-up in the Clark Center fire lane.8:52pm – Argument between husband and wife took place in the Science Center. The husband made suicidal comments and was taken to Boston Medical for evaluation. He was soon released and taken into custody.