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COLUMN: Roll Over Atkins: Chroma Serves Mean Pizza

Let’s face it, pizza is probably one of the best things that has ever happened to food. A bad slice, in my opinion, is a sacrilege, an unsightly growth on the fine institution of the pizza pie and should not be tolerated. No! Under no circumstance should our taste buds have to deal with such an abomination! So, if you appreciate the power of a good slice, indulge yourself, go to Croma, an establishment that glorifies, no, honors the pizza.

Croma, located on Newbury Street between Exeter and Fairfield, offers a sophisticated approach to the pizza house. Exposed brick, track lighting, and mahogany details in the decor provide a stylish atmosphere in which to dine. Original artwork by local artist, Charles Milson, beautifully decks the walls. The floor tiles were designed and placed by an eighty-year-old Italian artisan who had designed the tile work in Paris’ St. Lorenzo restaurant, favorite haunt of Princess Di. Originally, the space had been occupied by Davio’s. However, if you had ever eaten there, you would’ve noticed that the restaurant was cramped and too dark. Chroma improved the environment by knocking out walls and skillfully applying light fixtures to showcase the art and the food. There is a care for detail in the establishment that one can see and taste in the items served there.

Croma has an impressive wine list with a choice of thirty wines by the glass. The food menu has 18 different pizzas-from an exotic chicken tandoori pizza to a classic pepperoni, variety is one of the main components to their menu. One can also choose from other baked entrées such as their famous chicken parmesan or seafood cannelloni with a lobster sherry sauce. For my first course, I sampled the dough balls. They were freshly baked and had a light and airy texture, served with a creamy garlic butter and a homemade olive tapenade. The tapenade is a flavorful combination of black olives, garlic, olive oil and fresh herbs. I, also, tried the Bruschetta. The Bruschetta is one of the nicest I’ve had with the clean tastes of tomato, onion, and basil heaped upon warm garlic bread and then drizzled with basil infused olive oil.

Croma serves Neopolitan style pizza (thin crust) and bakes them in specially imported ovens, so I was very interested to try one. I chose the Parma, one of the restaurants most popular pies. The Parma is baked with homemade tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese. It is then topped with fresh arugula, imported prosciutto di parma, and shaved parmesan. The fresh toppings are delightful compliments to the crispy pizza crust. The pizza itself is not greasy at all. It has an altogether wholesome quality to it, more along the lines of a good meal than a guilty pleasure.

For dessert I had the sticky toffee pudding. The texture of the dessert is like that of a bread pudding and has the rich flavors of dates and spices, without being overly sweet. It is served warm with toffee drizzled over it and a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream. It’s the perfect winter dessert and just big enough to share, so you can warm up your night.

Croma is just right if you want to impress your date and not break your wallet (entrées range from $8.95-$12.95). It’s also a good place to spend time with friends, there’s an outdoor patio and a 58-inch television which is great to watch the next game on. The wait staff is both friendly and knowledgeable. From the stylish atmosphere to the excellent cuisine, Croma offers taste in more ways than one.

(For more information on making a reservation or booking a private party call: 617-247-3200 or go to www.cromaboston.com).