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People ‘Parking’ and Fishermen Caught With Weed

Friday, July 2311:46 pm – Guard reported vending machine unable to close as a result of vandalism.

Sunday, July 251:00 pm – Party fell and was injured on the Plaza Level of McCormack Building.

7:46 pm – Suspicious person, a.k.a photographer, reported snapping photos of the campus and surrounding area

Tuesday, July 2710:45 am – Smoke detector signals a false mechanical fire reported at the Campus Center.

11:06 am – UMBPD responding to false fire alarm are struck by a fire truck.

Thursday, July 2910:45 am – Medical assistance dispatched for workers setting up fireworks stage on the Campus Center rotary.

11:10 am – Party sent to hospital in an ambulance from the McCormack Building

8:23 pm – Person attempting to scalp tickets to a free event is removed from University Dr. North, and damned to hell.

8:29 pm – Inebriated individual found on University Dr. North and transported to South Boston.

Monday, August 1612:51 am – Hit and run accident resulted in knocking down a pole along University Dr.

4:38 pm – Fishermen found drinking along Promenade Dr.

8:25 pm – Vehicle stopped, pills unearthed, summons to follow.

Tuesday, August 174:08 pm – Party transported to the hospital from Health Services in the Administration Building

Thursday, August 196:01 pm – Suspicious kids riding suspicious bikes in Healey Library.

8:43 pm – Person arrested on a warrant in the Administration Building and subsequently sent to the hospital for evaluation after making comments about hurting self.

10:53 pm – Sleepy, yet suspicious person found getting some rest inside a car on University Dr. West

Saturday, August 212:42 am – Male and female found “parking” on University Drive. Get a room, or at least a driveway.

Monday, August 234:37 pm – Missing child reported from McCormack and found shortly thereafter.

8:38 pm – Persons found drinking alcohol in a vehicle on University Dr. while marijuana remained unused in their glove compartment. Charges were filed.

Tuesday, August 248:49 am – Vending contractor injured and taken from the Campus Center by ambulance

Wednesday, August 257:00 pm – Fishermen caught smoking weed.

Thursday, August 269:46 pm – Person found using Promenade Rd. area as a restroom, advised to find a more appropriate space.

Saturday, August 285:30 pm – Small brush fire reported in grass near Harbor Point on University Dr.