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Editorial: Key Contributor to Economy

In light of the declining economy, UMass creates job opportunities to remedy the effects of a plummeting situation. UMass pushes this economy and challenges it to strive harder in the way of creating jobs-in the process building a standard. It’s not just the number of graduates; the proof lies in the number of entrepreneurs, nurses, and teachers that aid the system. Such a vehicle requires revenue to prevent its programs from running on empty. Hopefully the state Legislature will take the wheel and help steer UMass in the way it should go, at least financially.

Private universities are good for the resume, and the experience is just as priceless as the one received at UMass. But since the turnout of our graduates feeds back into Boston, the outcome is not only one that should be acknowledged, but rewarded for its contribution. Such an effort must be fueled, not just with ideas but support.

There must come a time where the state Legislature will believe in UMass, and open its eyes to a world in which it thrives under their administration. Our independence as a university, as well as our staying power and determination is reflected by the support we receive from the state. UMass receives only 30% of state support. That is considerably low in comparison to endowments and grants for other universities. This is an on-going problem for public universities across the country, not just Massachusetts.

“All across the country, public higher education is receiving less support,” former Chancellor Gora said in an interview last semester, before leaving for Indiana’s Ball State University.

UMass will have to continue to work hard, and cultivate ideas to continue generating revenue. President Jack Wilson seems to be on the right track with his plans for UMass in that regard.

It’s disappointing that there are not that many options in staying afloat financially. You could take away services or increase revenue, i.e. increase in tuition. Either way, the willingness to sustain will carry this university. Quality education does not just lay in the walls of an Ivy League school, quality education builds the community in which it sprang from – UMass carries this ideology. UMass has survived budget cuts and the threat of grouping with other community colleges, but unscathed.

Strength remains within the halls of this university. The determination echoes a vision established by those who sought out their education amongst economic trials. Eventually, the state Legislature will come to realize the importance of this university to the state, and aid it in its continuing effort to thrive amongst a crowded field of ivory towers.

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