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Students Anxious To Start Semester, Break Windows

Monday, August 303:29 am – False alarm in the Campus Center investigated and declared fine.12:07 pm – Larceny reported in the McCormack Hall.

Tuesday, August 316:22 pm – Suspicious vehicle reported on University Dr. Passerby thought female passenger in danger, but “quite the opposite” was true.

Wednesday, September 14:06 pm – Minor accident reported along University Dr.9:18 pm – Vandalism reported, pane of glass broken on a door in Wheatley Hall. Students anxious to start the semester?

Thursday, September 27:29 am – Yet another false alarm in the Campus Center was checked and deemed fine.12:30 pm – Medical assistance requested on Promenade Rd. Party taken to the hospital in an ambulance.11:06 pm – Suspicious person reported on University Dr. East.

Friday, September 311:01 am – Items reported missing from a Science Center office. Geek still on the loose.1:59 pm – Accident reported outside the Campus Center. Navigating around those pesky parked cars can be tricky.8:50 pm – Routine traffic stop resulted in an Operating Under the Influence arrest on University Dr. Possibly another student even more anxious to start the semester?

Saturday, September 47:18 pm – Person arrested for trespassing on Promenade Rd.

Sunday, September 57:12 am – Refrigerated snack cart reported damaged in the Quinn Building. Administration needs to eat, too.5:48 pm – Person reported a dog bite on Promenade Rd.