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Letter to The Editor

Dear Editor,

I disagree with the complaints and the spirit of the editorial One Stop: Another Day, Another Hassle.

My experience at One Stop has been that the line moves at a reasonable rate for what is being done in that office (after all, it is not a convenience store or an express line at a supermarket.)

Secondly, I find the employees pleasant and conscientious. Through my years here at UMass these employees have always done their best to get me all the funding I was entitled to. Less conscientious employees may have accepted the bare minimum for me. But, then maybe that’s the ‘problem’ with One Stop- conscientious work takes longer than shoddy work.

I think UMass students should be grateful for their hard-working staff (who, by the way, have not received a raise in three years).

They should also approach a new semester with common sense- thousands of people all want the same things done for them at the same time- they should expect to wait.

Ann Chaput

UMass, undergrad09-17-04