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Police Log

Monday, January 127:46am-Staff accidentally set off intrusion alarm in the Quinn Administration Building.9:43am-Someone called up alleging that a person was impersonating their daughter. Police couldn’t find anything.

Tuesday, January 139:06am-Minor car accident on Bianculli Boulevard.12:37pm-Person was injured while working out in McCormack Hall’s Beacon Fitness Center.

Wednesday, January 141:38pm-Property returned to lost and found.3:38pm-Possible misuse of credit card reported. Case said to be under investigation.5:57pm-Reports of smell of smoke. Police looked around and found a small smoldering plant in the lobby of the Science Center.10:59pm-One of the hockey players who rent out the rink caught having a few beers in the Quinn Building

Thursday, January 1511:53am-Reports of screaming behind closed doors in Wheatley Hall. Apparently some students got their test results and weren’t too happy with them.

Friday, January 1611:50am-Smoke alarm went off in the Science Center.

Saturday, January 171:32am-False fire alarm in the Science Center.10:39am-False fire alarm in McCormack Hall. Another occurred at 11:44am.1:10pm-Larceny reported in Science Center. Someone stole some items from one of the clubs.

Sunday, January 1811:33pm-False fire alarm in McCormack.

Monday, January 192:44am-False fire alarm in Science Center.

Tuesday, January 201:30am-False fire alarm in McCormack.3:30am-Fire! No, not really. False fire alarm in McCormack. Damned frozen pipes.

Thursday, January 221:20pm-Suspicious person reported in Quinn. Police checked him out and sent him on his way.5:28pm-Report of suspicious smell of smoke in the Healey Library. Nothing was found.

Friday, January 238:01am-Alarms went off in the Science Center.6:05pm-Pocketbook stolen from Healey Library.

Saturday, January 245:21pm-Car was stopped on University Drive South. One of the persons was found to have an outstanding warrant in their name. Police also found marijuana and assorted pills.

Sunday, January 2512:13am-Person reported being threatened in the Clark Center.9:19pm-Assisted Boston Police Department in an investigation.