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In Support of Gay Marriages

Dear Editor,

Governor Romney has stated, “I agree with 3,000 years of recorded history” referring to gay marriages, I sit here disappointed. There was a time when people slaved individuals; a day when women were not allowed to vote; and even a period when a single computer occupied an entire room. So should these times not have changed? And if I may so sarcastically add, maybe we should have never abolished slavery since it had thousands of years of recorded history.

Change makes the world and particularly the United States go round. I have been proud to be a U.S. citizen ever since I became one. But I am saddened to say that it seems we are taking a step backwards. This country prides itself on the freedom and independence of its citizens. Every man, woman, and even animal has individual rights and I am appalled at how this society is treating homosexuals. It is a shame that a culture that is so anti-racism, anti-sexism, and just simply anti any stereotype is blatantly rejecting a group of people solely based on their sexual preference. How different is this hypocritical society from those it sends to jail for gay bashing?

We as a culture have come such a long way and have made a 180 degree turn on many issues but the fact of the matter is that it took hundreds if not thousands of years to change them. I am not suggesting that the world’s closed minded way of thinking should change overnight. I understand that it may take years to award homosexual couples a “marriage” license and accepting a civil union is what they have to do for now but at the same time I would like to end my thoughts with the idea that nobody should ever settle for and be content with something less than what they deserve. The way problems are mended is by never giving up the fight to fix them.


Anna Mekerian