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Wannabe Sports Editors Apply Here

I’ve been writing in this space for nearly two and half years. It has been both a privilege and a pleasure. The first year I was the Sports Editor, and then the next I was the Managing Editor (and also acting Sports Editor), and now I am the Editor-in-chief (and again acting Sports Editor).

I love writing for the section. It’s what I most thoroughly enjoy. But as the boss of this collegiate rag, I have so many other duties/responsibilities that I feel I shortchange the Sports section more often than not. What’s more, I’ll soon be departing and there is no one lined up to be the next Sports Editor.

During my time here as Sports Editor/Managing Editor/Editor-in-chief, there has been only one student, other than me, who has written for the section on a consistent basis. A few others have expressed an interest, but they don’t follow through. It’s been very frustrating.

I don’t understand the lack of interest. Are there no sports fans out there? What gives?

Don’t like collegiate athletics? How come? There are no pretensions of athletic stardom here. If you don’t believe me, go and see for yourself. These teams will have nothing to do with the insanity of March Madness or with the insufferable Bowl Season of the holidays. The teams, however, have passion, camaraderie, and pride.

Kristen Bowes, Andrea Ciarletta, Michael D’Agostino, Andreen Gilpin, Melissa Hales, Felicia Haynes, Alejandro Lopez, Roger Perry, Phil Pittorino, Katie Reardon, Kristen Smoyer, Joshua Stolp, Eric Summerville, Gina Torres, Adam Waxman, Rob Young are just some of the tremendous student athletes, past and present, whose performances and efforts on the field I have immensely enjoyed. Many are/were good students and perform/ed community service. Many go on to have successful, non-athletic careers.

The department is also very lucky to have talented and inspiring coaches. And then there are the people behind the scenes, like the assistant coaches, trainers, various advisors, etc. who keep the engine running on a day-to-day basis. There are dozens of stories that deserve to be told, topics to be discussed, and issues to be debated.

I don’t want the section of The Mass Media for which I have the most dedication and most devotion to disappear, even if it were to be temporary. I want a relatively smooth transition from one Sports editor to the next, and I want peace of mind.

So if you like sports, people, and writing, then come see me this spring semester. If you have any doubts, come anyway and I’ll do my best to convince you in person. The opportunity for resumé building and fun is there.