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Police Log – 6/10/04


8:19 AM-False alarm in the McCormack Building.

12:50 PM- An ambulance was called for a cafeteria worker. Nothing funny about that, unless it was something she ate.

2:19 PM -Larceny in the administration building. Darn those end-of-semester looters!

3:28 PM -Campus PD assisted Boston PD with an ongoing investigation.

4:00 PM -Suspicious green substance found on doorknobs in the Science Center. Never forget to wash your hands after playing with copper sulfate.


12:40 PM -Minor accident on University Drive West. No injuries.

1:00 PM -Larceny reported on the Lower Busway. Property reported missing.

2:11 PM- Recovered property turned in to Public Safety.

2:59 PM – Larceny reported in McCormack Building

7:07 PM- Checked on reported trespasser on University Dr. West.


11:01 AM -Recovered missing property in the Healey Library.

7:47 PM- Some zipperhead pulled a fire box in the Clark Center.


4:20 AM -Alarms at the Clark Center.

10:20 AM- False alarm calls at the Campus Center.

8:03 PM-Campus PD called out to assist State Police at an accident scene at the lights. “Right turn on red” means stop first, look, then turn.


8:39 AM -Mechanical failure leads to false fire alarm in the Campus Center.

3:13 PM -Disturbance in a Wheatley classroom. A professor called in a disruptive student. He was allowed to leave the class. That’s marked as an absence due to criminal stupidity.

5:42 PM- Suspicious person investigated; found to be not suspicious anymore.

9:48 PM- 911 hang up at the Lower Busway payphones.


12:13 PM -Alarms from the Administration building. No doubt-who’s gonna be interim chancellor???

4:10 PM -911 hang up at the Clark Center.

5:26 PM- A suspicious vehicle was checked out by the waterfront.


7:43 AM- State vehicle reportedly had a window smashed out. What a pleasant way to the start the work day, huh?

12:09 PM- False fire alarm due to mechanical failure.

1:32 PM- Security alarm went off in Wheatley-everything seemed OK.


8:40 AM-Alarm calls in McCormack. Once again, everything seemed OK…

3:07 PM -False fire alarm in the Campus Center. Workers set it off this time.

5:35 PM -Some kid reported items missing from the computer labs in the Healey Library. Larceny.


1:59 PM -A faculty office was reportedly broken into. Newsflash: by May 25, sonny Jim, your work is graded. You ain’t getting it back to make changes.

3:33 PM -911 hang up at the JFK library. Some need to work through their hang-ups, methinks.

5:56 PM -Larceny reported on the third floor of the McCormack Building. Does anyone even go there anymore? I haven’t set foot in McCormack since the Campus Center opened.


2:58 PM -A party was asked to leave the Administration Building after causing a disturbance.

5:58 PM -Larceny reported in the Campus Center.

9:28 PM -Disturbance reported in the Lower Level garage. Two guys were getting ready to have a fight. How long does that take? Let’s see, makeup, party dress, dancing shoes…at least an hour.

9:41 PM -Threats issued against a Campus PD lieutenant. You need big ones to threaten a man with a service Glock and a can of OC spray.


11:00 AM -Harassment reported at One Beacon Street. No kidding. Have you ever tried to get anything out of the press office over there? Harassment is a bare beginning.


2:36 PM-One student threatened another over a computer? What? “I’m going to kick your RAM latency right in the labonza?” Sheesh

3:45 PM -Suspicious person was reported on the lower Busway-he was gone. Very suspicious…

8:03 PM -Mechanical failure led to a false fire alarm in the McCormack Building.

8:20 PM- Suspicious vehicle seen on university Drive West, but the party seemed to be in order. That’s not much of party, if you ask me.

10:26 PM- 911 hang up.


4:22 PM -Campus PD ejected somebody from the Clark Center gym at the request of a coach.


1:03 PM -A party tripped in the service building and was medically assisted.

5:17 PM -Someone reported an irritating substance in the air in the McCormack building. I got nothing. Make up your own punch line, folks.

7:05 PM -Larceny at the Clark Center. Who said jocks were dumb? Well, they call them “LOCKers” for a reason

7:34 PM -Campus PD was called upon to assist another agency.

10:16 PM -Suspicious person reported in the Science Center. Beware the scientists, for they are crafty.

10:55 PM -Campus PD followed a drunk driver down Morrisey Blvd. and pulled him over until the state troopers could get there. You’re supposed to wait until after graduation.


5:58 PM -False fire alarm in the McCormack Building due to mechanical failure. No, really?