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I Would, I Wouldn’t

I Would: (girl with side bag)

This young lady is the perfect example of what one should be wearing to school on any given day, unless perhaps you are doing a presentation and feel the need to dress up and look like a nerd… kidding. Anyway, it’s this simple. You take a pair of jeans, sneakers (preferably not sporty ones, but you gotta do what you gotta do), and then some excellent layers so you stay warm. Here you have a fitted hoodie underneath an adorable button up cardigan. Now what I really want to point out is how the hood is hanging out over the top of the sweater, this adds a great touch and not everyone would know to do this. Last, I’d like to mention that she is not wearing a backpack, but a side bag…job well done!

I Wouldn’t: (girl with red puff coat)

Now, this is also an everyday school outfit, however not a very fashionable one. A puff coat usually helps pull an outfit together, but this one might need a little more help than that. The backpack, which is often considered practical and necessary for a heavy book load, however you might want to leave some of your books in a locker next time. I understand finals are coming, but you don’t need to bring every text book to school. The khakis also need a little work, but until the Mass Media funds me with my very own What Not To Wear there’s not much I can do. The sneakers are actually a pet peeve of mine. These are only a small version of the “stacked” sneaker, however I believe they should be banned… period.

I Would: (Jordan, party picture…if it’s there)

This strapping young fellow, who I must say is always fashionably dressed, really does a good job with the vest and hoodie duo. Again, the hood is out and presto he looks perfect! Jeans, good sneakers, side bag…are we seeing a pattern? Follow it and you can never do wrong. I don’t want to sound too redundant, since the first I Would is so similar, but persistence is key. I gave you a girl version and a boy version… now use them!

I Wouldn’t: (man a with leather jacket)

Let’s just say all wrong. Tapered jeans with big, black boots is not the way to impress the ladies. The outdated leather jacket is also a bit off color. It may have looked good on the Fonzie, but that was ages ago, and as we all know we entered the 21st first century almost 5 years ago. To cinch the deal, this man used his backpack to add the final touch. It’s not hard to find a good side bag these days, get out there and start looking!