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Police Log: Restraining Orders Again and Again

Wednesday, November 156:37 a.m.- Staff entering the Service Building inadvertently set off alarm.8:46 a.m. – Staff did it again in McCormack.10:03 a.m. – Personal property stolen from the Campus Center.11:59 a.m. – Computer monitor stolen from Wheatley Hall.1:27 p.m. – Alarm trouble in the Science Center, alarm people called to deal with it. No cause for alarm.6:39 p.m. – Harbor Point security reported suspicious people walking along the waterfront. Nothing came of it.

Thursday, November 167:44 a.m. – Bursar’s Office alarm set off in the Campus Center. Blame it on the staff.2:00 p.m. – Past larceny of personal property reported in McCormack. Past larceny?10:04 p.m. – UMBPD assist a state trooper motor vehicle stop at the campus entrance.

Friday, November 178:45 a.m. – False alarm in the Service Building.5:54 p.m. – Cell phone reported lost or stolen or misplaced in McCormack.6:21 p.m. – Person attending a conference on the eleventh floor of Healey Library passed out in the men’s room. He declined ambulance transport to the hospital.

Saturday, November 184:15 a.m. – False alarm in the Campus Center.9:55 a.m. – Alarm in the Service Building.11:44 a.m. – Laptop reported stolen from the Beacon St. President’s Office.1:06 p.m. – Hit and run. Minor car accident in Administration Building garage.4:57 p.m. – False fire reported in the Campus Center. Fire and Health departments called when smoke from burnt items in the kitchen yielded a false alarm.8:38 p.m. – False fire alarm in the McCormack Building.9:22 p.m. – Complaint of a suspicious person in a tan sweater following a female in Healey Library. No one matching that description was found, the girl said no one was following her. Tan sweater? That is so 2002.11:03 p.m. – Report of a car illegally parked on University Dr. East. The owner was asked to move it.

Sunday, November 1911:24 a.m. – Alarm call in the Service Building result of problems with a door.

Wednesday, November 2212:05 p.m. – Accident between a Crystal bus and a private vehicle. Driver of the vehicle sent to hospital complaining of neck pain.

Thursday, November 2311:26 a.m. – Attempt to serve a restraining order in Wheatley Hall. Classroom empty.2:12 p.m. – Student reported being assaulted in McCormack Building.

Friday, November 248:27 a.m. – Another attempt to serve a restraining order in McCormack. Classroom empty again.9:01 a.m. – Alarm in the McCormack Building.10:35 a.m. – Classroom in Wheatley still empty. No restraining order served.10:44 a.m. – Alarm again on third floor of McCormack.10:58 a.m. – Officers standby and assist Health Services attempt to treat someone. I don’t like shots either.11:11 a.m. – False fire alarm in Science Center.1:05 p.m. – Medical assistance called for a party that injured himself while using equipment in the fitness center. Leave the equipment for the pros, girly man.2:16 p.m. – Alarm call in the service Building.4:04 p.m. – False fire alarm in the Campus Center.5:56 p.m. – Sounds of gunshots reported on the waterfront. Pump house workers and joggers in the area didn’t hear anything. If a shot is fired and nobody hears it, does it make a sound?

Saturday, November 252:57 p.m. – False fire alarm in Science Center.4:41 p.m. – False fire in the McCormack Building.Sunday, November 268:50 p.m. – Party got separated from friends. Everyone was reunited in the Athletic Center and sent on their merry way.

Monday, November 278:13 p.m. – Boston Fire Department and Arson Squad responded to a trash fire on the Lower Level of the Science Building. Being investigated as arson by UMB detectives and the Boston Arson Squad.