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Colorfully Dressed: PSA Night

On November 19 the ballroom in the Campus Center turned into a party room illuminated by various cultures. It could only be said that it was the most colorful and elaborate of parties. The Pakistani Students Association (PSA) hosted the extravaganza, PSA Night, with their traditional food, activities and music featuring DJ Gudah from New York.

In the ballroom eighteen round tables were set with white tablecloths, complete with a centerpiece bouquet of white mums, and surrounded by the scattered lamé like a reflection of a galaxy with eight blue chairs placed around the table. On the left of the ballroom were tables with food and on the right the DJ booth, where DJ Gudah checked the sound and light systems. The dance floor was prepared and ready in the center of the room for anyone to easily jump on to, and a stage was also built up in front of glass windows. A few minutes passed seven, the night-gowned downtown Boston emerged wearing the office-lighted buildings like Hepburn at Tiffany’s. Now things were all ready for PSA Night.

Jade, sapphire, fluorite, opal, gold, jasper, topaz … . Students began arriving in their formal dress, wearing the colorful traditional clothes, langa, saris for women and shawal kameez for both women and men. By the time when the party was about to start, the room was, thus, gemmed by more than eighty of sparkling individuals.

“Are you guys having fun?” apologized Subhan Haq, President of PSA, for the late start of party, as he officially kicked off PSA Night. Several enthusiastic students, who had already begun dancing on the dance floor with DJ Gudah’s music, elevated their excitement with a holler in return. PSA Night was not only a party to dance, but it was also designed for the Pakistani students to participate and enjoy several activities. Musab Khan, Vice President of PSA, performed a song at the beginning of the party, and later Saria Akhtar also amazed the audience with her voice.

One of the surprise events, which even some of organizers didn’t know about, was held with randomly selected party-goers. Four ladies and four gentlemen were invited on stage where they were divided into four couples. Subhan Haq, smiling, gave them their challenge, “All right. Now, these four guys are going to serenade these ladies with either a poem or a song. You have two minutes, gentlemen.” The four selection gentlemen now looked deeply agitated. However, their friends, who were very pleased and anxious to see their performance, now cheered them on. Although they were unprepared, their efforts (and some of them in deed presented their well-tuned voice) were accepted by their partners and applauded by their friends.

The party was also decorated by the food, which came at the perfect time. A long line stretched along the buffet tables where Chicken Biryani, Meat Korma, Chicken Seekh Kebab and Vegetarian Pakoras awaited the hungry dancers. They had enjoyed DJ Gudah’s selection of traditional music, which kept the party upbeat. Minutes later, the delicious dessert, Ras Malai, was introduced and satisfied the thirsty mouths.

PSA Night kept the heat up. The colorfully dressed students mingled and jumped high on the dance floor without the presence of time, and in the sky of the dim lighted ballroom were the full moons by DJ Gudah circling endlessly till they all exhausted the night. The food, activities, music, dresses and individuals, PSA Night was indeed one of the most colorful parties among parties.