Boston Calling day one recap: Niall Horan, Foo Fighters and more kick off weekend

Olivia Reid and Katrina Sanville

For many New England music fans, Boston Calling Music Festival can be a chance to see many of their favorite artists—underground and mainstream alike—take the outdoor stages in one jam-packed weekend. This year, the return of the well-loved festival has returned on the weekend of May 26 to 28 at the Harvard Athletic Complex in Allston.

The first day of Boston Calling on May 26 opened up with Zolita on the Blue Stage. Zolita, a new upcoming artist in the pop genre, came out with high energy in a red, oversized jersey that she took off during her set to reveal a black sparkly bikini top. She was full of energy and talked to the crowd. She played some of her hits and was a great way to kick off the weekend. 

Chelsea Cutler took over the Red Stage at 4:45 p.m. and gave a performance that was not to miss. Cutler was so lively on stage talking to her audience and making everyone feel welcomed. She highlighted that her girlfriend and parents were in the crowd there to support her. She came out wearing a Patriots jersey—something that many New Englanders in the crowd could definitely find solidarity in, as Cutler herself is from Connecticut—and played some of her popular songs such as “you were good to me,” “this is how you fall in love” and more.

Niall Horan took the Blue Stage at 7:40 p.m. The crowd was packed, with many fans camping out all day just to see his performance. This was Horan’s first performance in over five years, so being the first one back in Boston was very special. Fans brought their beloved One Direction Niall dolls and waved them in the air during his performance. He started his set with “Nice to Meet Ya” and ended with “Slow Hands.” In addition, Horan included “Story of My Life” in his set, a song from his days in One Direction, which was very special to so many fans. Horan’s set was one of the top performances of the day.

The night ended with Foo Fighters who took Green Stage to end the night. It was the most packed the stage had been all day. Fans waited out all day to get a good spot for their performance. Their performance was a great way to close out the night and end on a high note, with the band performing from 8:40 p.m. to about 10:40 p.m. They ended with “Everlong” and left the crowd stunned.

Full List of Artists From Day 1:

Foo Fighters 

The National 

Niall Horan 

Chelsea Cutler 

Teddy Swims 



The Beaches 



Alisa Amador 

Little Fuss 

Blue Light Bandits 

Summer Cult 

Brandie Blaze

Razor Braids

Dropkick Murphys