Boston Calling day two recap: New England natives shine through

Olivia Reid and Katrina Sanville

Day two of Boston Calling was a day full of new and hot artists from the younger generations. The festival had a great variety of artists ranging from brand new to veterans. There was sure to be an artist for all to be excited for.

The first performance of the day took place on Red Stage by an artist named NeeMz. NeeMz is a Boston-based Palestinian artist. She was very energetic and personable on stage. She talked a little about her time in Boston. It was her first ever festival and she fit right in. Her performance and high energy is one not to miss.  

Staying close to home, Noah Kahan brought some New England energy to the Green Stage. Kahan, a Vermont native, gained popularity on TikTok for his songs infused with New England references and vibes such as “Stick Season,” “Northern Attitude” and “Homesick,” all of which were played during his set. Before opening his set, which began with the song “All My Love,” Kahan greeted the crowd by joking around and saying he had been called nicknames such as “Jewish Ed Sheeran” and “Folk Malone,” but for his performance, he said he would be “Jewish Capaldi.” Mixing folk music, incredible lyricism and high-energy enthusiasm, Kahan’s performance had fans cheering throughout the two hour set. 

On Blue Stage at 2:20 p.m. The Q-Tip Bandits took over the stage. The band is local out of Boston and have performed in various venues out of Boston including UMass Boston during this past Welcome Week. They are a lively bunch filled with energy. The five members are: frontman and guitarist Leo Son, bassist and vocalist Claire Davis, drummer Dakota Maykrantz, trumpet player Maclin Tucker and trombone player Hoyt Parquet. The use of having a horn section in a band is an added touch that makes their performance special. The Mass Media had the pleasure of meeting with them and taking some portraits after their set. The group was so excited to be there and The Mass Media is excited about what they have upcoming in their future. 

On Blue Stage, Declan McKenna took the stage around 4:30 p.m.. McKenna, who is well known on social media, had a huge crowd awaiting his performance. He ended his set with “Brazil” which was a fan favorite. Shortly after McKenna, Fletcher performed on the same stage around 5:50 p.m. She also had a massive audience awaiting her set. Fletcher talked to the audience in between songs, and it was a great experience for her fans. 

Alanis Morissette took over on Red Stage and was a huge hit. Before she came out, there were visuals played on a screen highlighting some of her most iconic moments. With hit songs like “Hand in My Pocket,” “You Oughta Know,” “Ironic” and “You Learn,” fans and casual listeners alike could find themselves bopping along to the performance. Morissette moved all over stage engaging with so many of her fans during her two hour long performance.

Full List of Artists From Day 2:

The Lumineers 

Alanis Morissette 

Noah Kahan 

Declan McKenna 

Joy Oladokun 

The Aces 

The Flaming Lips 

Mt. Joy 



Actor Observer 

Coral Moons 


Welshly Arms 


Q-Tip Bandits 

Najee Janey