Melanie Martinez brings her magical universe to Boston

Melanie Duarte, Social Media Coordinator

On July 1, Melanie Martinez enthralled Boston with their fairy wonderland at the recently opened MGM Music Hall at Fenway. They are most well-known for their performance on Season Three of “The Voice,” as well her debut album “Crybaby.” Their haunting alternative-pop music revolves around several fantasy themes that reflect a dark and vulnerable persona. Martinez’s newest release “PORTALS” transforms their character “Crybaby” into an alternative form, representing a brand new era for Melanie Martinez. 

Martinez’s magical universe had absolutely engulfed the streets of Boston before the concert began. Seconds after stepping off the commuter rail at 6:30 p.m., an enormous line of fans could be spotted waiting to enter the venue. To match Martinez’s aesthetic, some fans dressed in floral skirts and baby doll dresses with undertones of pink and purple, while others went above and beyond and created their own masks and ears to match Martinez’s remarkable prosthetic mask. 

Once inside the venue, the crowds of excited fans were seen holding hands and running, eager to find their place near the stage. They began to interact with each other and bond through Martinez’s music. Although strangers to one another, fans waved their flashlights to each other from the floor to the 300s and complimented other fans’ outfits. They bonded over what their favorite songs were, what songs they were most excited to hear, and what Martinez would wear tonight. The atmosphere felt electric and welcoming with fans only caring about seeing Martinez after her hiatus from music and touring. Unfortunately, multiple fans sought assistance from security before the opener hit the stage. The overwhelming discomfort of a crowded pit caused several fans to be carried out of the crowd. Thankfully, the situation was handled before Martinez hit the stage and fans went on to enjoy the show safely.

The opener, Tanukichan, hit the stage at 7:30 p.m. with a crazy amount of energy that effectively hyped up the fans for the main event. While many fans didn’t know the songs, they danced to the music and showed ample amounts of support for Tanukichan’s set. Her rock and grunge aesthetic set the lively tone for the rest of the show. 

Melanie Martinez hit the stage relatively early, around 8:15 p.m. They walked out with long blonde hair and a green flowy cottage dress. Martinez’s set consisted of songs strictly from the deluxe version of her latest release, “PORTALS.” No older songs on her discography were performed, and “PORTALS” was performed in release order. She began the set with her singles “DEATH” and “VOID” and the venue filled with deafening screams. The crowd was illuminated with phone screens as fans recorded the start of the set, but further into the show, the phones seemed to cease. Martinez performed with synchronized choreography and non-faltering vocals as fans danced and sang along with her.

The visuals and production of the “PORTALS” tour were mystical as they matched the theme of each song, whether it was an egg floating on a red river for “MOONCYCLE,” a spider web onstage for “SPIDER WEB,” or mushrooms blowing up onstage during “TUNNEL VISION.”

Martinez walked offstage after their song “WOMB,” and the venue erupted in cheering and chanting begging her to come back. With every second Martinez remained offstage, the anticipation of fans grew. After a couple of minutes, she returned onstage to perform the remaining three songs of her set. The encore of the show was an unforgettable experience with pink butterfly confetti exploding into the crowd and thousands of hands reaching up to them. A security guard dropped onto the ground to help fans bring home their very own pink memento. Martinez ended the show by showing her support for the LGBTQ+ community as she raised two flags to celebrate Pride Month during “MILK OF THE SIREN.” As Martinez walked off stage, sadness and anguish filled the venue as fans realized the show they’d been waiting for was truly over. 

At the end of the night, the magical universe spewed into the streets of Boston once again and bid farewell to Melanie Martinez. Fenway was filled with fans wearing their brand new merch and raving about their experience. However, this won’t be the end of her run here in Boston, as she ended her show by saying “I can’t wait to see you next year.” Whether fans were in the last row of the venue or down at the barricade, the energy in the venue was electric and filled with love for Martinez’s performance.