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Volleyball wins two out of three at UMass Dartmouth Invitational

DongWoo Im
Lauren Westlund spikes the ball to the opponents in the women’s volleyball game on Sept. 20. Photo by Dong Woo Im / Mass Media Contributor.

Last week, the UMass Boston Women’s Volleyball team made their way down to Dartmouth, Mass. to participate in the UMass Dartmouth Invitational. The Beacons were coming off three straight games that ended in sweeps, and they put their dominance and abilities on full display. It’s safe to say they went into the weekend with a fire in them.

The Beacons were matched up against Mount Holyoke College on the first day and played a doubleheader against Babson College and Roger Williams University. These schools would be some of the toughest they’d faced yet, and according to Beacon athletics, the Beacons ended up winning two of the three matches. (1)

According to Beacon athletics, in their first match, the Beacons found themselves picking up right where they left off, jumping out to a 6–1 lead. However, the Lyons quickly erased that, taking a one point lead later on. The match would go back-and-forth, but the Beacons ended up losing their first set in three games, 25–21. (2)

The Beacons did not let this worry them, though, as the rest of the game was a whole other story. Paige Coulson and Lauren Westlund rallied the team in the second set, obtaining a lead as big as nine points. The Lyons tried their best to put together a comeback, but the Beacons ended up taking the set 25–17. (2)

The third set went similarly, with the Beacons starting off hot, but they were forced to put out the flames of a Lyon comeback. Just like the second set, they were successful in doing so. Ally Dean, who had quite the match in recording a double–double, delivered the set-winning assist to Amelia Dean. They were able to close the set out 25–18 and take the lead. (2)

The fourth set was a hard-fought battle with several lead changes, but the Beacons finished the job and won 25–19. It was a 3–1 victory for the Beacons, securing a strong and convincing win on the first day of the invitational. (2) 

On Day two, the Beacons started the day off facing Babson College, who only lost a single game all year. (1) Things looked promising after a very close first set that saw the Beacons and Beavers tied at 23 all. The Beavers won the set 25–23; the closest victory they let the Beacons come to. (3)

The next two sets would not be pretty, as the Beacons got trounced 25–7 and 25–15, getting swept for the third time this season. It wasn’t an ideal match, but the Beacons refused to go out with a loss like that. Roger Williams University was on the receiving end of this spark of motivation, and the Beacons went into the second half of the doubleheader determined to win. (3)

The first set was a tough one, but two kills from Taryn Broughal and Mya Perron gave the Beacons the upper hand, and it ended in a 25–21 win. The second set was all Beacons, as Toni Guerra led a dominant set that included a 13–1 run. They ended up closing this set out 25–14. (3)

With victory in sight, the Hawks refused to go down without a fight, as they managed to steal a set from the Beacons 25–22. However, that would only delay the inevitable for them as the Beacons secured a 25–23 victory in the next set, winning the match 3–1. (3)

It was undoubtedly a successful outing for the Beacons, as they put on some great performances against tough competition. This is their best start to the year since 2018, a sense that things are going in the right direction. (2) 

With this invitational over with, the main bulk of the season begins. This means more home games and playing against Little East Conference competition in preparation for the LEC tournament in November. (1) If opposing schools didn’t know before, they now know that this year, women’s volleyball is not to be taken lightly.



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