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Men’s soccer hits a high

Olivia Reid
Men’s soccer during a home game against UMass Dartmouth on Sept 27. Photo by Olivia Reid / Photography Editor.

UMass Boston Men’s Soccer went up against the Keene State Owls and suffered their first Little East Conference loss in their otherwise near-perfect season. The Beacons started off strong with the first goal in the 37th minute by freshman Patrick Gracia, but the score was shortly knotted up at one apiece when Mbambi Mbungu scored on behalf of the Owls. Strong goalkeeping efforts were seen on both sides as desperate saves were made. The second goal was scored in the second half by the Owls, giving them a 2–1 lead. The team tried their best to shift the situation’s momentum, but it proved to be difficult for the offense, due to the time crunch and tough competition from the home team. The final score ended up as a 2–1 defeat at the hands of the Owls, according to Beacons Athletics. (1)

The Beacons may have suffered their first LEC loss, but they came back stronger in the next showdown, where they went up against the University of Southern Maine Huskies and came back with a win to their name. The Beacons are well-acquainted with hot starts, but this time it was the Huskies who scored the game opener, leaving the Beacons in hot water. The team was quick to retaliate when Diego Gisholt scored the equalizer in minute 26. Gisholt has been on a roll this season: This was the 12th match he’s played full time, and he potted his second goal of the year against the Huskies.

In the last 20 minutes of the game, Gisholt once again had the chance to help his offense. His efforts panned out when a corner kick he served landed straight in the vicinity of John Arruda’s golden foot, which, as noted by Beacons Athletics, broke the Beacons’ slump by scoring the winning goal. (2) The 2–1 win gave the Beacons their swagger back and, with another conference win in the books, pushed them up in the standings for an immense confidence boost. 

Even though the team was facing a slump after two consecutive ties and an unfortunate loss, they still showed up to the game in great spirits and served. Qasim El-Akshar took to the field after a one-month break, due to an injury. His exceptional saves took the weight off the shoulders of the defense, which gave them the chance to assist the strikers.

The Beacons have been proving again and again that they are a force to be reckoned with. They have been dominating the majority of the games this season and have always shown up with ground-shattering skills and a winning outlook. The Beacons play to win and know how to take a loss, knowing they have the capabilities to bounce back. Their teamwork, skills and dedication are what set them apart from the other teams this season.

Each player has contributed to the game and brought their unique set of skills to the table. They played to their fullest potential and gave their best in every single game, even when it felt like all was lost. The Beacons have never given up, and their excellence on the pitch has proven that. This season saw a lot of freshmen take the field as well, with the likes of Alex Kadelliu, John Arruda and Patrick Gracia showing off their skills on the field and giving a glimpse of the potential this team has in store for the future.

Even the players who did not get a chance to play this season have shown up to every single practice, every single game, and cheered for their teammates. Soccer is hard both mentally and physically on the players, but the team has always appalled the audience, shown great grit and determination, and have full commitment to the game.

This season has been a roller coaster so far; the team has celebrated their dominant wins as well as their difficult ones, mourned every single loss and made shattering comebacks. The theme of this team, though, is they’ve never backed down. The Beacons have come a long way since the start of the season and will surely end this extraordinary year with a bang. 

The biggest tests of the year are coming for the Beacons, as more time to rest between games can display whether they may be rusty or full of rage. Beacons Athletics reports that they travel to Castleton University this Saturday, Oct. 21 to take on the Knights in one of the biggest conference matchups of the year, (3) all on a week of rest. The game is crucial for the group, and pulling out with a win would be massive for their status in the LEC standings and the upcoming tournament. Knowing how they’ve been playing all year, the Beacons are ready to shine bright in their biggest moment to date. 

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