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February 26, 2024
An inside look at Bobby B. Beacon’s insides. Illustrated by Bianca Oppedisano/ Mass Media Staff.
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February 26, 2024

Volleyball rides two-game win streak 

Olivia Reid
Women’s volleyball player Taryn Broughal spikes the ball during a previous home game. Photo by Olivia Reid / Photography Editor.

After a tough loss at the hands of Rivier University, the Beacons traveled back to campus for a two-game home-stand. [1] The first opponent was their fourth Little East Conference opponent of the season. The Keene St. Owls traveled to Boston on Sat, Oct. 14. Keene St. sat at 8–11, coming off a tough 3–1 loss to Nichols College, and looked to end their two-game losing streak with a win against the Beacons. [2] 

UMass Boston started off hot in the opening set, using an 11–4 run to turn their 13–9 advantage into a game point at 24–13. A final kill from Taryn Broughal won the set for the Beacons, giving them an 11-point win, 25–14. [3] 

With a 1–0 lead, UMass Boston looked to get themselves in the driver’s seat with a win in their second set. Keene St. kept it much more competitive this time around, as both teams traded back-and-forth blows, with neither squad able to gain a subsequent lead. 

Though, the Beacons gained the upper hand after they hung around with a 17–15 lead and refused to surrender any points to the Owls with a 5–0 run. The Beacons took a 22–15 lead and, instead of running to the table, pitied Keene St. into letting them score one point, winning the set 25–16. [3] 

UMass Boston was now in the driver’s seat with a 2–0 set lead and looked to sweep the Owls for their eighth sweep of the year, as noted by Beacons Athletics. [1] The Beacons took a quick 15–11 lead, but Keene St. wouldn’t let up. The Owls flipped the script and took a 17–15 lead on a 6–0 run. The Beacons needed to turn the tide quickly to clinch the set, and the win. Sophomore Amelia Devlin led the way as UMass Boston went on a 5–0 run and wouldn’t let up, and the Beacons ran away with the third set and secured the sweep. [3] 

On Oct. 18, the Beacons welcomed another LEC opponent, the Southern Maine Huskies. The Huskies were on a horrible seven-game losing streak and, coming into Columbia Point, hadn’t won a match since Sept. 23, as noted by southernmainehuskies.com. [4] It was safe to say the Huskies were looking for a much-needed win, but it would be tough to come by against a Beacons team coming off a triumphant sweep. 

The Huskies came to play in the first set, taking the lead 21–17 late. The Beacons did all they could to come back, but it wasn’t enough and the Huskies took the 25–21 set win. [5] Southern Maine continued their winning momentum into the second set, taking a 16–12 lead. However, kills from Livia Trindade, Mya Perron and Lauren Westlund helped the Beacons come back, and they tied the game at one apiece with 25–17  set victory. [5] 

UMass Boston looked to turn the tide and come within one set from their second straight victory. The Beacons took stronghold of the third set with a fast 11–1 lead and didn’t hold up, coming away with a masterful 25–13 victory to take the lead 2–1. With just one win away from clinching the match, the Beacons looked to get a quick win in the fourth set. [5]

The Huskies would not go down without a fight, taking a 10–7 lead early on. Lauren Westlund was called to the service line for UMass Boston. With her at the line, the script was flipped, and the Beacons took a 15–10 lead and rode a 10–1 run to ultimately close out the set with a 25–13 victory, winning the game 3–1. [5] 

With the Beacons coming out victorious with some pivotal games at home, they look to ride the momentum into the next slate of opponents they face. Volleyball’s consistency has been vital in allowing them to preserve their winning record, and winning at home is one of the most important things they must focus on moving forward. With only one home game remaining on their schedule, they have to ensure that they embrace the home crowd and carry that momentum into their set matches. As noted by Beacons Athletics, it isn’t until Oct. 28 that they come back to Boston to take on Vermont State University-Castleton in a crucial LEC matchup; if they want to secure a top spot in the LEC tournament, their game against Castleton is a must win, as everything will be in their favor, and will help push them in the right direction as the season comes to an end.


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