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How could you snooze and miss the moment SZA takes over Boston

SZA takes over TD Garden on her SOS Tour with D4vd

SZA took over TD Garden on her SOS Tour on Sept. 30, 2023. The sold out show was packed with fans all dressed up in jerseys and her merch. The show started at 8 p.m. with opener D4vd. The fans went crazy and his presence on stage was amazing. The 18-year-old artist is an RIAA Multi-Platinum certified artist with his two songs, “Here With Me” and “Romantic Homicide.” During his set there was high energy radiating on and off stage, all of which culminated in D4vd doing a flip on stage to close out his set. He had a 30 minute set on stage, which got the audience excited for SZA. 


There was a short intermission to switch over sets for SZA’s performance. Fans started running to their seats as soon as her set began. SZA came out in a two piece sparkly jacket and shorts. She came out to the song “Seek and Destroy,” and played many other favorites such as “Broken Clocks,” “Ghost in the Machine,” “Kiss Me More” and others.


Towards the end of her show during songs  “Supermodel” and “Nobody Gets Me”, she ascended in a boat that floated around the stadium. She threw rose petals and got to connect with her fans from all over the stadium, so even those in the nosebleeds got to feel included in the show. The presence she brought to The Garden was truly unforgettable. This is her second time in Boston on her SOS Tour. Following the conclusion of the show she picked out a small group of extra-lucky fans that got to go backstage and meet her, wrapping up the night on a high note. Every single detail of this show was very well thought out, ranging from the visuals, all the way to the performances and costumes. 

SZA on her SOS Tour in Boston at TD Garden. Photos by Olivia Reid/ Photography Editor. (Olivia)



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