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February 26, 2024
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February 26, 2024

Howling hits: The ultimate Halloween rock playlist

Dong Woo Im
A student listens to music while studying in University Hall. Photo by Dong Woo Im / Mass Media Staff.

Not thrilled with the arrival of fall? Well, don’t let the blues kill good moods because one of the best holidays of the year is quickly creeping in! While students and staff prepare to push through the first month of studies, the wicked reward of Oct. 31 sends the moon into center stage. That’s right–Halloween is the time to embark on a pumpkin-spiced adventure, where one of the only worries is finding the right music to set the ambience. But don’t worry, the perfect playlist has been carved out that will have any Halloween party rocking ‘til the witching hour. So, grab your headphones and prepare to be spellbound by this list of hits that will have you grooving like a zombie with two left feet.

1. “Give Me Your Soul” – King Diamond

The dark and theatrical nature of King Diamond is perfect for the holiday of Halloween. With themes of horror and the supernatural, it aligns perfectly with the spirit many are looking for. King Diamond’s haunting vocals and eerie storytelling take listeners on a journey through the macabre, setting the stage for a truly spine-tingling experience.

2. “I Want Out” – Helloween

This German power metal band’s presence is vital for a Halloween playlist; it’s quite literally in the name! This song adds a thrilling and rebellious edge to the mix, voicing the will to break free, which reflects the desire to escape the ordinary and embrace the mysterious! With its electrifying guitar riffs and powerful vocals, “I Want Out” will have you headbanging all night long.

3. “Feed My Frankenstein” – Alice Cooper

Hear that, Dr. Frankenstein? This catchy tune combines excitement and eeriness, and we all know Alice Cooper is the king of rockin’ terror. “Feed My Frankenstein” is a rock anthem that captures the essence of Halloween with its monstrous lyrics and infectious rhythm. It’s the perfect soundtrack for a night of ghoulish fun.

4. “Living Dead Girl” – Rob Zombie

Stay on guard when you play this song, because its industrial groove will have all the zombies crawling to your door. Rob Zombie’s lyrical themes make it a hauntingly appropriate choice for Halloween festivities. “Living Dead Girl” immerses you in a world of horror and seduction, making it a must-have for a Halloween playlist.

5. “Hunter’s Moon” – Ghost

Are you ready to hunt the supernatural? Turn up the stereo for this jam as you decorate your habitat with skeletons and pumpkins. Ghost’s signature occult themes make you feel like every day is Halloween, and the driving rock sound of this tune makes it impossible not to bop along.

6. “Halloween in Heaven” – Type O Negative

This famous gothic band could practically make up the entirety of the playlist. The lyrics of this song playfully depict the concept of Halloween continuing in the afterlife, adding a unique twist to the holiday spirit. Type O Negative’s dark and brooding style is a perfect match for lighting up antique candlesticks, making “Halloween in Heaven” a beautiful addition to your spooky seasonal rock playlist.

7. “Alison Hell” – Annihilator

For those of you who are into heavier stuff–indulge in this blend of technical excellence that tells a story of a young girl named Alison who is tormented by her nightmares. It delivers a dose of thrash metal intensity with expressive lyrics and blistering guitar work. It’s a bone-chilling masterpiece that will keep the adrenaline pumping on All Hallow’s Eve.

8. “Scream” – Misfits

It’s hard to find a Halloween-themed album that outdoes “Famous Monsters” by the American band Misfits. Therefore, it’s quintessential to the list. Misfits are legendary for their horror-themed punk rock, and “Scream” is a standout track that will have every guest complimenting your party playlist.

9. “Am I Evil?” – Diamond Head

“Am I evil? Yes I am!” Nothing sets a more sinister atmosphere than this hit by Diamond Head, captivating you with ominous and foreboding lyrics, heavy guitar riffs and absolutely mad drumming. The wicked solo in the beginning will have you air-guitaring your way through the night, feeling absolutely malevolent. It’s the perfect choice for those who crave a darker and heavier Halloween soundtrack.

10. “Transylvania” – Iron Maiden

Whether it’s cooking up a pumpkin-spiced dessert or a witch’s brew, it’s guaranteed to turn out best with this classic playing in the background. “Transylvania” by Iron Maiden is a vocals-free instrumental that captures the band’s legendary musicianship. With galloping bass lines and soaring guitar solos, it transports you to a realm of dark fantasy where you’ll feel like the ruler of Transylvania’s vampires.

In the long list of Halloween traditions, the power of music casts a spell like no other. Hopefully everyone has a fang-tastic celebration this year, and remember: The magic of this holiday is as much in the music as it is in the costumes and candies!

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