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Women’s hockey falls at Codfish Bowl against Amherst College’s Mammoths

UMass Boston Women’s Hockey went up against national runner-up Amherst College in the 16th annual Codfish Bowl. The defensive play of the Beacons was on point, as they held the Mammoths to just one goal. However, the team’s offensive game lacked, and they walked off the rink shutout with the final score being 1–0.  

The Beacons were a defensive monster as sophomore goaltender Leah Bosch pushed aside all 12 of the Mammoths’ meek shots. The first period resulted in a scoreless tie. The Mammoths dominated by keeping possession of the puck, giving the Beacons almost no chance to even attempt to score.

The second period saw the first goal of the game. Amherst’s Rylee Glennon got the game started when she slipped a puck through Bosch, and opened the game up with a 1–0 lead for the Mammoths. From there, it was a defensive battle between the Beacons and Mammoths. UMass Boston tried their best to even the score, but their offensive play was not as good as their defense was. Mia Boyd added a game-high four blocks, as reported by Beacon athletics. [1]  

The Mammoths failed to score after that, yet so did the Beacons. A great deal of effort was put in by both teams to win the semifinals, but unfortunately the Beacons couldn’t defend the home rink. This is the sixth time in a row that the team faced defeat at the trunks of the Mammoths.  

This match tested the caliber of the team’s defense and goaltenders. They attempted 20 shots, but were unable to bury any of them home. The Beacons did not have as many chances to score, as they couldn’t snatch the puck from the ghastly grip of the Mammoth’s sticks.  

The Beacons showed great determination, strength and patience. The Mammoths may have won the semis, but the Beacons won hearts with their efforts and performance. They pushed themselves to their limits proving how much they wanted to win, but fate had other plans. The team started with a hot start this season, but their fire seems to have dimmed with every passing loss. It has become more and more visible that they are losing the will to compete. 

This match was a contradiction to the otherwise slow matches. The team gave their best, and left no stone unturned when it came to the Codfish Bowl. They wished to regain their motivation, and women’s hockey has a lot of potential, consisting of exceptionally talented players who bring unique skills to the table.  

The Beacons have a lot of other opportunities to change the trajectory of the season, turn over a new leaf and maybe even bring the league title home. Everything depends on how bad they want it. They are a strong team who lack on the offensive front, but they make up for it by standing tall on the defensive end. The team’s hot start, though short lived, was enough to give the gist of what they can achieve, if they play to their strengths and exploit all the different skills brought in by every individual player.  

The team can do anything they set their minds to. They have proven this again and again when they cornered their opponents and scored timely goals. It’s not too late to turn the tables, and knowing the Beacons, they will surprise the fans who come out to watch their games. The Beacons lack nothing; they are strong, fast and have a winning mindset. They have learned from every single loss and know where they need to improve. Opponents should warm their legs, as the Beacons plan on skating up a storm.  

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