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Elevate your wardrobe with these winter fashion tips

Typically in winter, people throw on their big waterproof jackets and snow boots to bear the outdoor temperatures. Because of this, however, it’s easy to lose your personal flair to the heavy clothes and clunky footwear. Here are some fashion tips to save your wardrobe from the winter blues.

First, give layering a go. A heavier jacket isn’t necessary for those who wear many layers. Throw on a thin and tight sweater under a baggier top to create a comfortable and, more importantly, warm look. If the pairing isn’t warm enough, add a light jacket that fits the vibe of the other two pieces. Also, try cuffing sleeves or pant legs, tucking in shirts, or tying a shirt around your waist. All of these options add more dimension and visual interest.

A good rule of thumb is to try not to make your outfits too bulky. By layering thin long-sleeved tops and bottoms under your outfits, this is easily avoidable. Look into buying thermal underwear, which is intended exactly for this purpose. 

For those who love wearing miniskirts or short dresses, invest in a pair of fleece-lined tights. There are so many types: solid or sheer, tan or black. They will fit any style and any look. Also, if the tights aren’t warm enough, add a pair of knit leg warmers or tall boots. Try adding a sweater on top of a dress. The sweater should end a couple inches above the hem of the dress for the best look. 

If a heavy jacket and pants is looking a little too boring, add a chunky scarf. Scarves add color and texture to any outfit that needs just a little something. They can also be worn around the head or neck as the finishing touch to any combination.

As always, don’t forget the accessories. Earmuffs, mittens and fun hats should be added on every occasion, as they will not only make your outfit more visually interesting, but will also add warmth. These can be found anywhere from local vendors to thousands of online retailers.

When in doubt, add a bag. They are not only useful but also cute. A good handbag can be found at any clothing store or thrift store for those looking for an inexpensive option. From tote bags to purses, a bag can add color, texture and functionality to any outfit. 

Pay attention to the fabrics of clothes. Wool is going to be a better choice than polyester due to its moisture-repelling properties. Thick cotton sweaters are also intended to keep wearers warm during the cold months. Leather, faux-leather, fur and faux-fur are all good options for keeping the heat in. Other good options are fleece, down, silk or velvet. All of these fabrics are intended to keep the wearer warm and comfortable, which is essential for dressing in the winter. 

Try a chunky boot. Not only are boots functional for the colder months, but they also can be a cool accessory to a simple outfit. Try to find ones that are waterproof and provide good traction so you don’t slip on ice. There are plenty of warm and stylish boots available at places like L.L. Bean and Patagonia. 

Although many people prefer summer for fashion due to the bearable temperatures, don’t count out winter for stylish outfits. By following these tips, anyone can up their fashion game during the colder months. 

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Rena Weafer, Arts Editor