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Through the streets of Boston: An outsider’s perspective

Packing your life in three suitcases and starting completely new can be overwhelming, right? Well, the City of Boston is here to welcome you! 

The city is blessed with picturesque architecture and waterfront scenery that hints at its history. Boston, being a hub of education, is a diverse and culturally rich city. You can discover something new in every corner of the city, from libraries and museums to aquariums, parks and shopping spots.

Newbury Street is crowded at all times of the day by shopping enthusiasts and food lovers alike. Home to local eateries and shopping sites, you can discover something new in every shop on the street.

Situated in the heart of Back Bay, The Prudential Center is one of the largest shopping centers in the city, only a street away from Newbury Street, Locals say that the best view of the city is from the top of the Prudential Tower.

Considered one of the oldest parks in the country, Boston Commons is a scenic beauty throughout the year. This place gives visitors a serene experience amidst the beautiful greens. The frog pond is a beloved ice-skating spot among the students. The AMC Theater next to the Commons is a go-to theater for movies. 

For those who are tired of exploring the streets, the ferry services offered by the MBTA are just what they need. Experience a scenic view of the city skyline with these Boston Harbor ferry rides to and from the city. 

The Boston Public Library is home to splendid architecture and is a peaceful hub for both bibliophiles and art enthusiasts. It is a literary escape with a cozy academia setup. The library is free for all to visit.

Dedicated to the nation’s 35th president, the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum takes visitors back to the Kennedy era with its fascinating, educational display of short films, exhibits, archives and collections, showcasing the legacy and eventful life of the late president.

Everyone knows the revolutionary Boston Tea Party. Go back in time with the dedicated actors and professionally costumed artists roleplaying the event. Historical remnants of the tea party, exhibits, guided tours and short films take us back in time. 

Reminisce on your childhood with a visit to the New England Aquarium. This beautiful aquarium is a one-stop for diverse ocean life including several species, from saltwater and freshwater fishes, penguins, seals and more.

For all the science and nature lovers, The Museum of Science is your paradise. Standing tall amid the surrounding city, this museum houses noteworthy exhibits, models, live projections and various other collections displaying technology, nature and science. Science, technology, engineering and math students are sure to find a home at this museum. 

Visit Chinatown, one of the only Chinese communities in Boston. This bustling neighborhood offers authentic Asian cuisine. Most shopfronts include eateries and cafes, but they also have several places to immerse visitors in Asian beauty and culture. The North End, an old Italian neighborhood, has old cobblestone streets and some of the oldest brick building structures in Boston. This little Italy is known for its pastries and delicious Italian restaurants. This maze offers a mini-European experience in Boston. Visitors can take a ferry ride from Long Wharf to this neighborhood or the Orange and Green Lines to the Haymarket.