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Dual-sport athletes play pivotal role in the inaugural season for women’s lacrosse

There’s a new sport in the ville, and the coolest part about the ongoing process to make its inaugural season happen is that many of UMass Boston’s decorated competitors are bringing their diversified portfolios to the table. In the Spring 2024 season, UMass Boston will welcome a women’s lacrosse team, allowing some already-active Beacons to make up Columbia Point’s newest batch of athletic prodigies, eager to step up to the pitch. 

The move to bring in a women’s lacrosse program was announced Nov. 15, 2022, according to Beacons Athletics. [1] It’s been two decades since UMass Boston has played an inaugural season, but women’s hockey will no longer be the Beacons’ youngest incorporated team come Feb. 28. This move will give UMass Boston their 19th athletics program. The Beacons finally answer the call and rightfully join the largest group of lacrosse teams in the country—that being NCAA Division III Women’s Lacrosse.

Making history as the team’s first head coach is Hannah Khin, who came on for the job June 28 of last year, per Beacons Athletics. [2] Her career in the intercollegiate sphere covers 15 years worth of ground, her roots stemming from her time as a player for Goucher College’s program. She left a massive mark during her time as an undergraduate, taking All-Conference honors in all four years she played in the Landmark Conference. Her efforts during her senior year bore even more fruit, as she was highly regarded as a gifted player by the time she was going for gold one final time as a Gopher; the Intercollegiate Women’s Lacrosse Coaching Association commended her with a Regional All-American nod as a result.

Her decade of dominance was just beginning, though. While obtaining her masters at Durham College, she made her presence known across the pond, with her squad making it all the way to the Northern Premier League’s finals in 2014. From there, she took advantage of her vast knowledge of the game and applied it to her newfound occupation as a coach. She trekked across the world, where she found a home at Occidental College for eight seasons, five of which she worked as head coach. In her five years running the ship, her team took four trips to the postseason; meanwhile, she and her colleagues were recognized for their expertise throughout her reign, receiving the highest of honors as Coaching Staff of the Year for the SoCal Intercollegiate Athletic Conference during its 2019 season. The UMass Boston Community is excited to see Khin’s leadership and expertise first hand, to say the least.

Of course, Khin is going to need a team to field, and luckily, many of UMass Boston’s athletes stepped up to the challenge of working doubles this year—all of whom should be applauded for their contributions. Beacons Athletics shows that many of these athletes are admirably working two straight seasons, as the vast majority of players donning the blue and white this spring have been duking it out on the ice, courts and track over the past several months. The likes of women’s hockey players Liz Kramp, Adriana Crepaldi and Margeaux Butters will be leading the charge as attackers, while fellow stick handlers Mia Boyd, Kristen Briggs and Jenna Fitzsimons will team up as midfielders with Angelina Mazzone, whose blazing speed will be vital given her track record as a cross country runner.

Defending the back field will be women’s basketball star Tarris Green, and she will hold the fort down alongside women’s hockey sensation Emily Hansen, while sophomore standout Leah Bosch’s confidence in holding down the fort in net will likely translate from her puckstopping ability on the ice. Of course, many of lacrosse’s players are not dual-sport athletes, but they deserve just as much praise for what they’ll bring to the table. Gianna DeSimone’s defense will be of note, while Hannah Rich will enrich the Beacons with her offensive attacks. Emily Pearl will bring some sought-after play on the attack, as well as Kenzie DeMeo, Teresa Sheedy, Brianna Damske, Luana Batista Soares and Jamie McAleavey; in goal, Laura Falandys will try to create a two-headed monster alongside Bosch. [3]

The end of the month will dawn a new chapter in UMass Boston’s history, and given the star power, this squad should be the talk of the town soon. There will be some minor hiccups, the biggest issue being the roster size. While 19 players is serviceable, fatigue can play a major role in slowing down the Beacons when the season rolls along; for reference, Beacons Athletics shows that men’s lacrosse has a 40 player roster, while women’s lacrosse has just under half of that. [3,4] Men’s lacrosse also only has to field 10 players at once, and unfortunately for women’s lacrosse, they’ll need to field 12. Needless to say, this year will be a grind for the Beacons, but one thing’s for certain, they’ll never go down for the count. If their year blossoms like it may very well do, chances are, in the words of Elton John, they’ll still be standing. 


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