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Meet Boston City Council President Ruthzee Louijeune on Feb. 29

To close out Black History Month, three organizations—The Black Student Center, Women’s Center and Haitian Student Association—are hosting a meet and lunch with Ruthzee Louijeune, the President of Boston’s City Council, Feb. 29, between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. in the Campus Center Ballroom. Students will be able to ask questions to a decision-maker of the city, as well as engage with three different student-led clubs and enjoy a free lunch. 

This is a Q&A event, so come with questions prepared! According to her biography on Boston.gov, Louijeune is the first Haitian-American elected to the Council, and the first Haitian-American to be President of Boston’s City Council. She has a background in law, and her focuses have been on rooting out housing discrimination, lowering costs and overall putting the lives of the people as top priority. [1]  Bringing questions to the event is an opportunity to get insight from someone who has overcome the barriers that societal forces put upon them. 

The Black Student Center, Women’s Center and Haitian Student Association have done a great job in the past of hosting events, leading campaigns and promoting student involvement. Their past triumphs stand as a testament to their dedication to promoting student involvement and diversity. They encourage students and faculty to attend and contribute to more events to make a stronger and more inclusive campus community. Their initiatives are aimed toward empowering Black students and calling for more participation in campus life. It’s imperative for students and faculty to get engaged with these events because it’s a constructive way to spend time with one another. 

The vision for the Black Student Center, Women’s Center and Haitian Student Association is to become an active and thriving hub for student and faculty involvement and advocacy. This upcoming event is a good opportunity to see what these clubs are all about. Let’s build a constructive environment where everyone gives and accepts feedback and support and encourages one another to aspire to the better parts of their nature to create fulfilling relationships on campus. 

I’m encouraging everyone reading to reflect on the significance of student participation and diversity on campus. To not be mere spectators, but to actively support and be a part of something bigger. Through this exact process is how someone such as Louijeune became the Boston City Council’s President. Let our strength be in togetherness by creating an encouraging and uplifting environment on campus. Students can join campus clubs, make friends, attend or create events that interest them and be inviting to others. For anyone who’d like to get involved with these clubs on campus, they’d be more than pleased to welcome you, and you’ll be able to make suggestions with things such as events. Get involved, and come to one of the most interesting events across campus all year! 

For those eager to connect further, here is the contact information for the Black Student Center, Women’s Center and Haitian Student Center below. Reach out, get involved and share feedback and suggestions. All three organizations are located in Campus Center and their contact information is as follows:

Black Student Center: [email protected] 

Women’s Center: [email protected] 

Haitian Student Center: [email protected] 

Send an email to know more about upcoming events, ask questions or give suggestions. All three clubs would be happy with more student and faculty engagement, so feel free to ask questions and get involved.

[1] https://www.boston.gov/departments/city-council/ruthzee-louijeune