Letters to the Editor

Ben Whelan

Hello bias muckrakers,

Where do you get off writing an embarrassing detrimental article on three boys’ marijuana arrest when they graciously and respectively asked you to withhold their names? (And nice move not adding the author to the end of the article to protect your own)

And now you have the nerve to go and write several articles commenting on the “marijuana issue”?


You cannot get away with scorning their arrest while championing the so called “marijuana issue.” I will be informing student affairs and the chancellor and his employees and make them FULLY aware of your grotesque affairs.

You’re all DOUCHEBAGS.

If you continue to write these disgusting bias fulled articles I will bring more attention to them and their WILL be retribution.

Dear Reader,

First things first, The Mass Media would like to thank you for your correspondence.

At this time I would like to take a few moments to address the comments you have made in this correspondence. As for the author of the article to which you are referring, “Reefer Madness!” (03/03/08,) was Ben Whelan. our News Editor. The byline was left off of the story by mistake at the last minute, as happens some times throughout the semester.

The article to which I have previously referred included the names of the individuals who had been arrested on campus because those names were included in public records obtained by The Mass Media. Gratitude and respect unfortunately does not rewind time and erase one’s name from a Police Record.

When reporting a story, including crimes that take place here on campus, we, as student journalists, are expected to gather all of the available facts that we can in order to make the story correct.

The inclusion of a number of articles that revolve around the issue of marijuana in the last issue of The Mass Media (04/21/08) is far from contradictory. Reporting a crime that took place on campus a month and a half ago and then covering a number of legitimate marijuana related issues only seems logical.

Marijuana is a real issue on college campuses around the world. Here at our own school, as if evident by the arrests referred to in the “Reefer Madness!” article, marijuana and illegal drugs are a prevalent and newsworthy issue.

The Mass Media takes no official stance, neither for nor against, on the issue of marijuana use. The inclusion of unbiased news articles in no way “champions” the use of marijuana, rather it brings an important issue into the campus discourse.

Thank you for your continued readership,Michael HoganEditor, The Mass Media