Favre Rumors a Smack in the Face

Sebastian Lena

Recently, the Los Angeles Times posted an article regarding a rumor that the recently-retired Brett Favre was planning a comeback. One only needs to take a short trip down memory lane to realize why it would be a horrible decision for Brett Favre to return in 2008.

There were 20 seconds left, and Michael Jordan had the ball. Never passing it once, Jordan waited till under 10 seconds to make his move. After causing the Jazz’s Byron Russell to slip, he pulled up for his trademark jump shot.

Nothing but net.

The shot is one of the most replayed jump shots of Michael Jordan’s illustrious career. It would help the Bulls clinch their third straight NBA Finals title, and their sixth in eight years. Jordan would go on to retire soon after. It was the perfect storybook ending.

Except, another chapter was yet to be written.

Four years later, Jordan decided to make a return to the NBA and suited up with the Washington Wizards for two seasons. Not only did his career average drop (20.9 ppg compared to his career average of 30.1 ppg), but the Wizards struggled to win while posting identical 37-45 seasons.

As for the exit?

The result was a 107-87 thrashing at the hands of the Philadelphia 76ers. His 15 points paled in comparison to the 45 he poured in against the Jazz. Why would any athlete throw away such a fitting ending to a career like Jordan’s?

The answer is simple: a love for the game.

Unlike Jordan, Brett Favre wasn’t granted such a storybook ending. Instead, his lasting impression is now a horrible decision, a throw that led to a costly overtime interception in last year’s NFC title game.

His retirement soon after left many scratching their heads.

Yes, for the last few years prior to 2007-08, there has been a growing anticipation that Favre might retire, but after a year like this? Brett Favre showed glimpses of his younger self as he led his team to a 13-3 regular season record and took them to the NFC championship game. The emergence of a soon-to-be star running back, Ryan Grant, also helped. All of this had the Green Bay Packers lined up as a Super Bowl favorite for the 2008 NFL season.

But then Brett Favre goes and does this.

Somewhere, Homer Simpson smacks his head with a fitting, “D’oh!”

Now, the Los Angeles Times hits us with the anonymous tip that Brett Favre is contemplating making a return to the NFL with another team. Be honest: what football fan wouldn’t love to see Brett Favre back in a football uniform next season? However, the answer to whether or not he should return is pretty simple: no.

It would be an enormous slap in the face to the entire Packers organization and the Green Bay faithful. Instead of doing the respectable thing and asking to be traded, he would have played the retirement card and then return the following fall on another roster?

Coming back with another team is bad enough, but to do it right after the Packers finally had a team fit to fight for another ring is unforgivable.

We all make decisions in our life that we later realize was a mistake. However, we have no choice but to live with it. Many people, and possibly even Favre himself, realized he was making a mistake in retiring after last year. But unfortunately for us all, he made it and he has to live with the consequences. Coming back now would only cause more harm than good.

If only we could chalk this up as another one of Brett Favre’s many interceptions.